A New Way to Align Recruiters and Hiring Managers

York Poon
York Poon

A constant theme we hear from our customers today is about department managers and recruiters struggling to align on hiring new talent, from defining the list of job requirements to identifying who is the right person.

At eightfold.ai, we’re excited to announce our new Calibration tool, which is designed to ensure that within one meeting, both hiring managers and recruiters are on the same page. Specific changes include:

  • A new, and simpler UX
  • The ability to preview samples of candidates in real time while calibrating
  • New support for “Required” fields (which will only include candidates with those skills) and “Exclude” fields (which will exclude candidates with those skills)
  • Support for new calibration options such as exclusion of candidates with short average tenures and diversity goals

Read more about the Calibration page’s functionality.

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