Delivering a New, Personalized Candidate Experience


Throughout my time in graduate school, I dreaded applying to jobs. I spent half my evenings scrolling through a long list of jobs on companies’ websites, choosing the ones that I thought I was the best fit for, creating an account just to apply, and then applying. The whole process took about an hour for just one job. I applied to dozens of jobs to ensure that I would graduate with a job in hand, and sometimes I never heard back from the company.

I found this process impersonal, imperfect, and ultimately inefficient. Fortunately, here at Eightfold, I have the opportunity to revolutionize the candidate experience for the better.

Today, I’m proud to announce our new Personalized Career Site, a new way for candidates to apply to jobs by matching them to the roles that they are the best fit for, a win-win for both company and candidate.

Finding The Right Job For Me
Most difficult step for professionals searching for jobs.

I’m not alone when I say that the online application channel today is ineffective for both recruiters and candidates. In a recent survey, close to 60% of job seekers cite “finding the right role” to be the most difficult part of job hunting, ahead of applying to the job and interviewing for the role. As such, candidates often “spray and pray” across multiple job postings, causing recruiters to spend a lot of time sifting through a large volume of applicants that are often not a good fit for the role.


Eightfold Career Site | Best Candidate Experience
Provide great candidate experience with personalized career site

Eightfold’s career site solves this problem by prompting a candidate such as myself to upload my resume first. By uploading my resume, I am automatically matched to the roles that I’m the best fit for. This helps both candidates and recruiters by pre-screening the applicants to the roles that the candidate is a best fit for, thus reducing noise.

Matching candidates to the right jobs
Find the best fit jobs with career match

Gone are the days when I had to skim through 5 paragraphs of the job description to understand what the role involves or build a narrative in my head as to why I’m a good fit. Eightfold’s job description builds this narrative for me by showing how well I match to a position’s requirements, giving me insights into past successful candidates, and offering a preview of people that I may work with. If I was on the fence before about applying to this job, I’m not any longer.

If I want to research the company further, I no longer have to open up a new tab to do so. Eightfold’s job description uses AI to curate existing company blog posts and videos so that it will be most relevant to the job, which means that if I’m looking at a technical role, I will see mainly technical blog posts.

Lastly, if I’m curious about the perks the company offers, I can see at a glance what those perks are, instead of reading between the lines of the job description.

If I want to apply to a role, I just click twice–no login or account creation required. These roles are mobile optimized as well, which will increase the overall number of qualified applicants to a company as people apply on the go.

We all remember the bad candidate experiences we’ve had, and research shows that they don’t stay hidden for long: 72% of candidates who’ve had a bad candidate experience shared it online or with someone else.

Why not create a delightful candidate experience, increase the number of qualified applicants, and build up your talent brand at the same time? I wish that I had been able to use a Personalized Career Site when I was looking for a job. If you’re interested in finding out more, schedule a demo of Personalized Career Site today.

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