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Rangaraj Tirumala
Rangaraj Tirumala
Engineering Intern at Eightfold

Rangaraj Tirumala who in the past has worked on Android applications, various hackathon projects, and developing front end and UX designs, joined our company this summer as Engineering Intern to work on several projects around machine learning and artificial intelligence. One of his many projects was developing an application to help recruiters and hiring managers to find the resumes of the most relevant applicants and referrals directly from their email inbox.

In this blog, Rangaraj explains how painful and time consuming it is for recruiters to track every resume they receive, and how difficult it is to match them to the best job openings. He also explains how Eightfold’s Email Sync functionality is solving this problem by intelligently adding all of the resumes to the enterprise talent pool, and automatically surfacing leads for relevant positions. In the last section, he explains in detail how the application works.

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