June 8, 2022

How Noom Streamlines Candidate Scheduling and Feedback

There’s really no better way to learn about Eightfold’s features and capabilities than to hear directly from those using the platform every single day. That’s why we’ve rolled out Community Conversations, a monthly series with like-minded talent professionals to have honest conversations about the state and future of hiring and recruitment.

In May, Noom’s Change Enablement Program Manager Lexi Krause joined us to share how her team helps recruiters streamline the scheduling, interviewing, and feedback processes within a single platform. As an operations program manager, Krause plays a critical role in getting team members up to speed on platforms including Eightfold that enable sourcers and recruiters to go high-touch with candidates. 

If you weren’t able to join us live, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you missed:

Bringing Recruiters Into the Process Early Increases Platform Adoption

The secret to getting recruiters on board with new platforms? Bringing recruiters in early and taking a “crawl, walk, run” approach allows them to see the benefits for themselves, said Krause. When introducing new technologies, tools, or features, she also notes the importance of building trust.

This change enablement strategy has worked well for Noom, with the company seeing an 85 percent application completion rate and over 10,000 applicants with a 3+ match score to open roles. From there, it’s all about building trust around that candidate-role match score. By completing the position calibration process, and ultimately trusting the match score, recruiters at Noom have turned to Eightfold for intelligence and automation. By using Eightfold’s Chrome extension, recruiters are able to source from LinkedIn (and other public sources) and then validate candidate matches within Eightfold. In addition, Eightfold enables recruiters to reach out to more candidates at once via email or SMS, saving time on individual outreach.

Going forward, Krause sees a future where sourcers capture all leads within Eightfold, something that is already happening in many cases.

Collecting Feedback in a Single Platform Enriches Candidate Profiles

AI-powered talent intelligence integrates dozens of insights about workers — their skills, capabilities, and experiences — to match people to the right opportunities. Feedback during the interview process is also a critical part of building a rich candidate profile. With Eightfold, hiring managers are also able to view historical feedback to understand how they’ve rated similar candidates previously, which enables a more equitable, skills-based approach to hiring. 

By integrating all feedback into one single platform, Krause noted it eliminates the need to track down hiring manager feedback. She said, “recruiters can see the same as what the hiring manager or sourcer sees, and it means people are no longer taking notes in their email. It’s all in one place.” Finally, Krause expanded on the value of hosting multiple feedback forms for different roles and types of feedback within the platform, ultimately painting a more complete picture of a candidate’s skills and strengths. 

Automating the Scheduling Process Brings Focus Back to Candidate Experience

It’s no secret that the traditional manual scheduling process is a massive pain point for HR teams as recruiters coordinate between hiring managers and candidates, follow up multiple times, and often reschedule when calendars change. Not only can scheduling now be automated with one click, it can also be baked into a single platform, rather than switching back and forth between different applications.

“When Eightfold came out with the scheduling tool, it felt like a no-brainer,” said Krause. In fact, it was Noom’s HR function that helped to shape the Eightfold scheduling feature that we see today!

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Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash