Instantly drive better candidate experience while reducing recruiter workload. Not “too good to be true” (anymore)

Mihir Gandhi
Mihir Gandhi

We have observed across thousands of recruiters, and hundreds of thousands of applicants that there are two things seemingly at odds: high volumes of applications and managing those applications to deliver great candidate experiences. The higher the volume of applications, the less likely it is that a company will have the resources required to review and evaluate every single application. This means that the hidden gems often get overlooked.

As if this wasn’t challenging enough, the current tools at recruiters’ fingertips do not help them be more efficient, easily identify qualified applicants, or deliver on outstanding candidate experiences. 

Today, we are proud to announce that Eightfold has solved this conundrum with the Talent Screening Dashboard. With a goal of improving the candidate experience, making the recruiter’s life easier, and accelerating funnel velocity, Eightfold’s Screening Dashboard allows recruiters to, within two clicks, identify and disposition all of their high quality, prioritized applicants across all of their open reqs. 

“With our high volume of applicants, I am sure that we missed out on some great candidates, and gave many applicants a bad experience. We have been using Eightfold’s Screening Dashboard and now our recruiters can prioritize and review applicants in a simple, intuitive interface.” -Director, Talent Operations, Global Technology Company

Built for the Candidate Experience, and Employer Brand

How often has any candidate applied for a role, only to receive a canned response that they won’t be considered? Or worse, the candidate never heard back. This is rarely a function of an ill-intentioned recruiting team. Instead, it is typically a result of a high volume of applications that overwhelm the talent acquisition bandwidth to review and assess each application.

Managing the candidate experience by keeping up with applicant volume is important to your employer brand because it demonstrates you are serious about your employees and potential future employees. Eightfold’s Screening Dashboard is designed to help recruiters quickly and accurately manage their inbound applicants, referrals, internal applicants, and other applicants.

Screening Dashboards

Built with Recruiter Efficiency in Mind

As recruiters spend time across recruiting, interview management, and offer management, every minute saved is meaningful. We designed the Screening Dashboard to seamlessly integrate into a daily workflow for recruiters. It is a one-stop shop where a recruiter, within 15 minutes, can identify, prioritize, and engage applicants. 

Screening Dashboard for Recruiters Efficiency

Help the Recruiter Reduce Missed Opportunities

“Only one out of a hundred inbound applicants is great. And it takes a long time to sift through the 99 in order to find the gem. After having used the Eightfold Screening Dashboard, this time has been dramatically reduced” -Recruiter, Global Technology Company

With the Eightfold Screening Dashboard, recruiters can quickly identify top talent across ALL of their open reqs at once. No longer do recruiters need to click into each req, search and sort based on a set of attributes—the AI-powered matching algorithm combined with the workflow-designed dashboard allows the recruiter to quickly sift through hundreds of applicants to identify the High Match unscreened applicants for deeper review. 

The Eightfold Screening Dashboard is the rare win-win-win:

  • Candidates have improved experiences by receiving feedback from the company in a timely manner. 
  • Recruiters will more efficiently manage applicant volumes.
  • Hiring Managers will see increased hiring funnel velocity.

Talk to us about how the Eightfold Screening Dashboard can work for you.

We are excited to help usher in a world where all candidates can be recognized for their potential, skills, and abilities, and to do so in a way that makes recruiters jobs more efficient and accurate using the rigor and capabilities of the AI-powered Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform.

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