Unify Your Recruiting Team onto One Platform

York Poon
York Poon

Unifying your recruiting team’s sourcing and screening efforts is challenging, from finding one common place to screen inbound applicants and referrals to keeping track of all communication with your candidates.

To make things even harder, recruiting also involves reaching out to candidates who aren’t actively applying but might be open to a change. Today, this is done via manual reach out on LinkedIn, but this strategy is time-consuming and omits the largest source of potential leads today: previous applicants to your company.

At eightfold.ai, we’re excited to reveal our best-in-class Position Pipeline tool, which is designed to unify your sources of leads, screen them based on your requirements, and reach out in a personalized and scalable way. Specific highlights include:

  • Screen all your candidates quickly and consistently
  • Contact candidates in a personalized manner
  • Review candidates’ profiles before reaching out to them
  • Process referrals in a timely manner

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