What Employees Want: Informing Your Team with AI-Powered Communications

York Poon
York Poon

It can be tough to get an employee’s attention. Busy people may ignore your message—perhaps because they think it will not be relevant for them. Making the challenge harder, staff often don’t maintain their internal profiles, so it can be hard to target interest groups in the company. It’s a stubborn issue for every HR leader.

Eightfold has added Employee Engagement campaigns to improve communication, so that the right employees get the right messages with less effort from HR managers. Eightfold campaigns for talent acquisition receive up to 7x greater response than messages sent using older, non–AI powered tools. Now, Employee Engagement campaigns can deliver greater response for your staff.

Send Correctly Targeted Emails Faster

If you’re using old tools to manage your employee communications, you may need to manage groups and hierarchies manually. Each employee must be tagged correctly, and these groups can change often requiring constant updates.

Many companies choose to avoid this problem by sending most messages to every employee, in order to ensure that the required audiences get them. This leads directly to low response if employees don’t read their email—or to lost productivity if they spend too much time reading emails that don’t concern them.

Misuse your time, or misuse your employees’ time—what a choice!

Instead, use Eightfold Employee Engagement campaigns. Eightfold’s AI-based profiles stay updated automatically, so that you no longer need to manage hundreds of overlapping groups in order to inform the right people. Whether you need to email staff by location, department, role, seniority, or another factor—with Eightfold, you can simply choose the desired audience, write your message, and go. And if you wish to maintain groups manually for compliance or other reasons, you can still do so.

Send Emails to the Right Employees

A common problem with email is information overload. You want the people who are concerned with a subject to see your message, and avoid sending it to those for whom it isn’t relevant. Eightfold gives you this power.

Using advanced AI, Eightfold can choose the right audience for your message by understanding the context of the information on a webpage. So if you wish to promote a wellness program, a special event, an interest group, or another topic, Eightfold will choose a limited audience for your email, giving you a much higher response without bothering the employees who don’t want to receive it.

Employee Engagement Campaigns Are AI Working with You

Using this new capability, you’ll gain even more value from using Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform. Employee Engagement campaigns are another way that AI works together with HR professionals to remove busywork and drive the right actions, all across your enterprise.

Contact us today to learn more about Employee Engagement campaigns and to see a demo of Eightfold.

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