Workforce Skills at Scale

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Retaining top talent is the biggest concern of business and HR leaders in 2020

The Power of Skills: Empowering Talent Transformation in a Time of Disruption

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Do you know what your workforce can do?

Companies win when their people have the skills to succeed and grow. Eightfold’s deep learning AI understands all of the skills of work, including their relationships: more than one million skills in total. This skills-based AI drives powerful apps for reskilling, succession planning, workforce redeployment, team assignment, skills gap analysis, talent acquisition, talent experience, and more.

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Hire based on skills, not keywords

Eightfold Talent Acquisition far exceeds the capabilities of keyword-based sourcing and screening. This AI-based approach uses all desired criteria to rank candidates, including skills, experiences, prior titles and companies, candidate preferences, and more.

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Identify skill gaps. Fill skill gaps

In a fast changing and uncertain world, companies that understand skills will succeed. Employers both need to know what skills they have, and the skills they will need to reach their targets. Both employers and individuals require transparency and trust about what each person can do, and what is required to succeed in a job.

In this short video Josh Bersin explain the value of “Soft Skills” and the difference to “Power Skills”

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Does your company have the skills to survive?

Every company needs skills-based AI to support talent functions, so that every candidate is considered for the right position, every employee is motivated to stay and grow, and every plan is executed to the benefit of the company and employees.

Only deep-learning AI, such as Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform, offers the range of capabilities and the efficiency of operations that companies need today.

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The Power of Skills: Empowering Talent Transformation in a Time of Disruption
Skills at Scale: 8 Ways to Unlock Employee Capabilities and Beat Your Competitors
The Power of Skills: Talent Transformation in a Time of Disruption
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Positions Filled per Recruiter

UIPath increased by 50% the number of positions filled per recruiter per quarter

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Increased the Hiring of Women

Tata Communications increased the hiring of women 19% with Eightfold

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Increased Campaign Open Rate

Nutanix increased its open rate for targeted campaigns by 70%


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``Eightfold's platform not only helps us to find the best fit for our open positions, but also improves the candidate experience by providing the best matching jobs based on personal skills.``
– Pascal Weber-Scheltenbach, Manager Digital Transformation