Smart Employee Referrals

Smart Employee Referrals
AI creates a more effective referrals program.

Eightfold’s platform adds the advanced artificial intelligence that outdated referral tools lack.

smart employee referrals - Smart Employee Referrals

With Eightfold, an employee uploads the resume of a referred individual. The employee then views a list of open positions ranked in order of best match to the profile of the person being referred. The employee can then refer the individual to one or more strong-fit positions, without needing detailed knowledge of the open roles.

Eightfold finally provides employees the referral experience they deserve for contributing to the growth of their company: all of the good feelings, with none of the busywork.

Talent leaders get a dashboard of all referrals made by the organization, showing status, application funnel information, and top referrers. Data can be filtered by department and timeframe.

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