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Creating a better tomorrow together
  • Empowering people
  • Technological innovation
  • We put people at the center of everything we do

Transform how you manage talent

Eightfold Talent Intelligence platform is the most effective solution to hire, retain, and manage talent

Why Eightfold AI:
  • Develop Enterprise Talent Network
  • Accelerate time to hire and productivity
  • Boost Employer Brand
  • Cultivate future-ready workforce
  • Build diverse high-performing teams
  • Enhance diversity, internal mobility, and talent management
  • Create a consistent personalized candidate experience to increase the quality of applies and conversion
Benefits of Taleo API-based Integrations
  • Eightfold relies on the standard published Taleo API, for nearly all data transfers.
  • Automated API Integration ensures rich Candidate and Employee profiles are always up-to-date and available across all Eightfold products, as well as Taleo.
  • Taleo API versioning is inherently respected, for all integrated data.
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Positions Filled per Recruiter

UIPath increased by 50% the number of positions filled per recruiter per quarter
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Increased the Hiring of Women

Tata Communications increased the hiring of women 19% with Eightfold

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Increased Campaign Open Rate

Nutanix increased its open rate for targeted campaigns by 70%
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Corporations around the world trust Eightfold AI
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Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform

continuously learns, creating new contextual intelligence about every aspect of talent management.

Eightfold Transform Talent with a Single Platform
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Introducing Project Marketplace

Unlock the hidden talents of your employees

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Eightfold AI – Resources
Now is the time to lead on diversity and inclusion

Remove bias, provide accountability, and deliver on your goals

The Power of Skills: Talent Transformation in a Time of Disruption

Retain Top Talent by Guiding Employees to What’s Next in Their Careers

Eightfold Talent University – Get the Skills that Matter

Join Eightfold Talent University to learn how AI is making talent transformation possible with the Talent Intelligence Platform.