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Eightfold Talent Flex product overview

See how you can unlock your contingent workforce's potential and get a 360-degree view of your entire workforce.

Eightfold Talent Flex product overview

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Unlock the potential of your contingent workforce. Eightfold Talent Flex increases workforce agility in a dynamic market with a 360-degree view of your entire workforce.

Talent Flex helps prospective employees and recruiters through AI-powered recruitment

This is Eightfold AI, the single AI platform to hire, retain, and grow a diverse workforce faster than ever before. Talent Flex unlocks the potential of contingent workers to increase workforce agility in a dynamic talent market.

Meet Alex, a web developer looking for his next gig. He uploads his resume to a branded, AI-driven career site powered by Eightfold. Talent Flex matches him to jobs based on his skills, experience, and future potential. With one click, Alex can easily apply, enter his hourly rate, the number of hours per week he’s available, and when he can start. He can also manage his profile and check the status of his application all in one place.

Meet Sophia, a contingent recruiter looking to find the right candidate for a web developer role. Because her VMs is seamlessly integrated into Talent Flex, she can easily view the details of the job requisition with instant access to all her leads. From one AI-driven dashboard, she sees her entire talent pipeline, including past employees and current applicants, in Eightfold. Deep-learning AI analyzes each candidate and intelligently ranks them based on experience, skills, and potential. So Sophia can make informed decisions in a short time.

Sophia uses filters to see who’s within the roles, pay range, and availability. She tracks who she’s spoken to and who she’s advancing to. Once she’s curated a candidate shortlist, she can easily send it to the hiring manager for interviews.

When Alex’s contract ends, he can be redeployed to a new contract or hired as an employee, saving time and hiring costs. And because his prior manager left positive feedback on his profile, his new manager feels confident that Alex is the perfect fit for the job.

Revolutionize your contingent workforce today with Eightfold AI, the single AI platform for all talent.

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