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Toolkit – World Economic Forum

Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources: A Toolkit for Human Resources Professionals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to an incredible leap forward in the field of Human Resources. However, many HR professionals do not feel that they have the technical expertise required to evaluate the tools and platforms at their disposal.

Eightfold AI CEO and Co-Founder Ashutosh Garg coordinated directly with the World Economic Forum to provide actionable, precise instruction on how to properly understand, prepare, and implement AI solutions for HR teams.

This toolkit is available now and recommended for anyone making a purchasing decision in this field:

  • The first goal of this toolkit is to equip HR professionals with a basic understanding of AI to assist them in their efforts to assess AI-based tools.
  • The second goal of the toolkit is to provide guidance on the responsible and ethical use of AI in HR
  • The final goal of the toolkit is to help organizations use AI-based HR tools effectively.

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