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Things we share:
  • Empowering people
  • Technological innovation
  • Strategic partnerships
  • We put people at the center of everything we do

PayPal can expect to see millions of annual recurring value

Eightfold’s corresponding business value can translate into incremental revenue opportunity and further operating margin improvement, directly impacting both the top line and the bottom line.

Step 1One Single Platform to Transform Your Talent Strategy:

AI-driven process automation and recommendations to identify, hire and develop the most relevant and highest quality talent quickly

  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Improve process efficiencies
  • Increase talent function scalability
  • Improve quality-of-hire & time-to-fill
  • Reduce compliance risk (i.e., GDPR, EEOC)
Step 2 for Talent ExchangeEnd-to-end Visibility into Your Entire Talent Network:

Reskill/upskill and redeploy talent to align with future business needs; identify, engage with and motivate current and prior candidates and employees

  • Improve internal mobility & succession planning
  • Reduce attrition & increase workforce ROI
  • Increase M&A synergy-realization potential
  • Optimize headcount & reduce severance costs
  • Increase overall diversity & engagement
Step 3 Talent ExchangeExtend the Value of Existing Systems Investment:

Integrate with HRIS, ATS, LMS, etc. to get insight into the vast amount of talent data; consolidate applicable systems/tools, and reduce reliance on costly 3rd party vendors and job boards

  • Optimize talent-related systems, vendors and tools spend
Transform how you manage talent

Eightfold Talent Intelligence platform is the most effective solution to hire, retain, and manage talent

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Positions Filled per Recruiter

UIPath increased by 50% the number of positions filled per recruiter per quarter
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Increased the Hiring of Women

Tata Communications increased the hiring of women 19% with Eightfold

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Increased Campaign Open Rate

Nutanix increased its open rate for targeted campaigns by 70%
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Corporations around the world trust Eightfold AI
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Why Eightfold AI:
  • Develop Enterprise Talent Network
  • Accelerate time to hire and productivity
  • Boost Employer Brand
  • Cultivate future-ready workforce
  • Build diverse high-performing teams
Benefits of Workday API-based Integrations
  • Eightfold relies on the standard published Workday API, for nearly all data transfers.
  • Eightfold uses APIs which are Workday’s preferred integration method.
  • Workday API versioning is inherently respected, for all integrated data.
  • Automated API Integration ensures rich Candidate and Employee profiles are always up-to-date and available across all Eightfold products, as well as Workday.
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Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform

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Taking On Talent Management's Most Urgent Challenge With AI

Bottom Line: The most urgent talent management issue every business is facing today is how to improve Diversity and Inclusion (DI) by reducing the potential of bias and evaluating candidates on capabilities first.

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Find important information about Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Platform, and solutions.

A new AI-powered network is helping workers displaced by the coronavirus crisis

Talent Exchange uses AI to match candidates with available roles, based on each individual’s skills and previous experience.

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Eightfold has some of the smartest software engineers in the HR tech field. Josh Bersin also talks about how jobs are changing, and says that if anyone knows what will happen next, it’s probably Eightfold.

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For the executive search industry, AI’s most imminent and revolutionary application will be its ability to compile large, constantly evolving data sets and draw inferential deductions from that data.