How to Use Agile Talent Acquisition to Transform Recruiting

In this practical webinar, the award-winning talent acquisition team from Pivotal Software shares its actionable advice for how you can lead talent transformation at your company. Implementing new systems and innovating is critically important to remain competitive in the ever changing TA landscape. By following a Build, Measure, Learn Framework, Pivotal shows examples that illustrate how any organization can experiment with an idea or approach, garner feedback, and quickly iterate on those learnings in order to accelerate the business outcomes it’s trying to achieve.

In this webinar, hear the latest perspectives on what you can expect from AI, and learn how you can launch an AI recruiting function at your company, in addition to:

  • Learn what Agile Talent Acquisition is, and how an agile approach can deliver increased results
  • Learn how to practically apply Build, Measure, Learn in a real-life TA transformation example
  • See how to measure the benefits of applying Agile TA

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