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How AI transforms the experience on a career site.

A look at how Talent Intelligence Platforms can: 

  • Help candidates see what skills they have that match up to certain jobs, and identify the best matching job for them.
  • Make the candidate experience more personal and more individual.
  • See content that relates directly to them, like videos or blog posts.

Talent Experience – How AI Transforms the Experience on a Career Site

Job seekers are expected to somehow be able to find the right job on a careers website with thousands of open jobs, but the technology makes that very difficult.

Job seekers are left with a poor impression when they can’t find the right open job, and again when they can’t apply quickly.

Talent Intelligence Platforms can change that.

AI takes information from the profiles of over a billion people, compiled from hundreds of public data sources. It takes that information, and uses it to go beyond what is in a resume to build out a complete look at someone’s skills and experience.

AI can help candidates see what skills they have that match up to certain jobs, and identifies the best matching job for them. It saves a lot of time versus the old approach of blasting a resume everywhere, endless searching, and not really finding a true match to someone’s skills.

It makes the candidate experience more personal and more individual.

Imagine a software engineer at a large healthcare company uploaded a resume to a careers site. The AI would know something about their skills, even if they didn’t list them in their resume. It would have some knowledge, after looking at millions of profiles of others like them, many in that job candidate’s company, of what they would likely bring with them to a potential next job.

It could then take all that information about this person and see how strong a match they are to a job at any company.

The same is true for a customer service agent, a mining worker, a store manager, or an accountant.

As part of the experience, people can see who they’d be working with.

They can see content that relates directly to them, like videos or blog posts on topics that would be of interest to them and their career.

Only with true artificial intelligence found in a Talent Intelligence Platform can we move beyond the dated keyword search, and the overreliance on resumes, to truly matching someone’s skills to the skills required to fill an open job.

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