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Hire more inbound applicants with a candidate-driven career site.

Get relevant, qualified applications through your career site for lower-cost talent acquisition

You’ve spent time and money on your public career site, but still 60% of candidates apply for the wrong job. With a personalized site, candidates will find the right job and the right information–a delightful experience that boosts your employer brand and increases the value of your career site as a hiring channel. You can impress candidates from your very first interaction, increasing the quality and diversity of your talent pool and lowering the cost of hiring.

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The Right Person for the Right Position

Traditional career sites are failing. People usually apply for the wrong job–or they apply for every job, hoping someone will look at their resume. Recruiters are so overwhelmed with poor-fit applications, they ignore all inbound applications. With a Personalized Career Site, candidates can upload a resume and instantly be matched to relevant jobs according to their skills, experience, and interests—and choose to apply with one click. With Eightfold, every inbound application is qualified.

Excite Your Candidates with Relevant Content

Your Personalized Career Site can display content matched to a candidate’s profile, such as a personalized job description tailored to her background, interesting blog posts aligned to her interests, and current employees she may wish to network with. Candidates learn what they want to know about your company, and become more excited and more likely to apply for a job.

A Delightful Candidate Experience Improves Your Brand

A candidate on a legacy career site becomes lost, confused, nervous, and dispirited. A candidate on an Eightfold-powered career site is engaged and motivated: She understands exactly what roles she could take, sees why she is qualified, and learns more about the company and people. The Personalized Career Site delivers what candidates have always wanted from a career site, elevating your brand for everyone who uses your site.

Deploy the Most Effective Talent Chatbot

Don’t waste time with buggy bots that take forever to integrate. Eightfold’s talent chatbot, Amy, is built into your site. Amy can answer questions and gather candidate information to deliver the full Personalized Career Site experience in the conversational way that many candidates prefer. Amy uses true AI to deliver more relevant interactions than older technologies.

A Personalized Career Site Increases Diverse Applicants

Your Personalized Career Site delivers more qualified applicants, especially from diverse groups. Legacy sites and systems create subtle biases against underrepresented groups. Skills-based qualifications remove bias, and personalization encourages candidates to see that they will succeed at your company. A Personalized Career Site is inclusive and free of bias.

Built-In SEO Cuts Search Engine Spending

Eightfold builds search engine optimization into your career site, delivering top search rankings without the need for separate spending on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other talent advertising tools. Your Personalized Career Site not only creates a powerful hiring channel, it also reduces your spending on other tools.

The Eightfold Platform Is a Single Solution for Retention, Recruitment and Diversity

With patented artificial intelligence technology, Eightfold combines your enterprise data with outside sources to identify the right individuals for any need. Companies using the Talent Intelligence Platform, which integrates with ATS and HRIS, quickly achieve improved candidate response, faster hiring cycles, reduced attrition, lower cost-to-hire, greater diversity & inclusion, and other valuable outcomes.

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost to hire
  • Improve quality of talent pool
  • Drive best-fit hires
  • Builds and nurtures a diverse talent pool
  • Convert diverse prospects to candidates
  • Analytics to measure progress
  • Eliminate churn
  • Optimize interaction with employees
  • Provide personalized career path guidance
Career Site
  • Hire more talent from web applications
  • Provide an excellent candidate experience
  • Rank your career site high in search results

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