Gain Operational Efficiency with AI-Powered Recruiting Software

Cut sourcing time by 80% with superior AI recruitment technology

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Work at scale usability - Recruiters

Screen millions of profiles

Not just a feature, a better way to recruit

Eightfold’s AI platform transforms your recruiting from source-to-offer, leading to huge improvements in time and cost metrics, and freeing up hours each day for every recruiter.

talent intelligence platform instant pipeline - Recruiters

Match qualified talent instantly

Reduce candidate sourcing time by 80%

The only way to break the cycle is a new approach. Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform provides instant, full pipelines of qualified talent for most positions, working at scale to cut sourcing time by up to 80% overall.

platform talent acquisition job calibration 1 - Recruiters

Select exact skills & experiences, not keywords

Become a top-performing recruiter with job calibration

The unique skills-based matching capability finds the right people right away, for any position. Calibration makes every recruiter a top recruiter to their hiring managers.

talent intelligence platform instant pipeline - Recruiters

AI delivers complete, ranked talent pipelines

Find fast, qualified pipelines of talent with AI

Eightfold AI for recruiting produces Instant Ranked Pipelines of qualified talent with unmatched AI accuracy. Sourcing and screening are automatic.

Explainable AI - Recruiters

See the reasons for each recommendation

Explainable AI gives control to the recruiter

Each AI recommendation shows the reasons why it was made, allowing for adjustment and explanation. With Eightfold AI, the machine works for you.

The premier AI recruiting solution

AI Recruiting makes every recruiter more effective

The Talent Intelligence Platform is business-ready. Eightfold AI recruiting software includes talent matching, personalization, predictive CRM, AI chatbot, and more. With Eightfold, your recruiting effort has the most sophisticated AI available in one place.

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