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Source candidates for hard-to-find skills and automate talent recruitment

Many recruiters search and scroll all day through long lists of candidates, only to get little response from those they contact. After recruiters struggle to build a pipeline, hiring managers reject the candidates or find they aren’t the right fit. Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform lets recruiters define the exact fit for a job with hiring managers, then automatically build pipelines of qualified candidates in seconds using every source of talent. Eightfold’s AI power finds the people most likely to succeed in a job based on their skills and potential, identifying great people often missed by legacy keyword-based screening. With Eightfold, recruiters cut busywork by up to 90% so they can focus on what they do best: recruiting great people.

Automatic Screening Cuts Talent Acquisition Time Up To 90%

The Talent Intelligence Platform, powered by AI, instantly reviews millions of candidate profiles using dozens of criteria. In seconds, you receive an Instant Ranked Pipeline of qualified individuals. Sourcing efforts that used to take many hours now need just minutes―resulting in up to 90% less time spent on talent acquisition tasks. Now you have time to engage and nurture your candidates.

Calibration Locates More Qualified Talent

Stop wasting time with keywords and job descriptions that don’t match what your hiring manager wants. With Eightfold, you can select the exact skills, experiences, and background you need for a position―or choose an existing profile as your ideal candidate. Skills-based matching finds up to five times more qualified people than legacy methods, including the “non-traditional” candidates who are most eager to prove themselves in your company.

Recruit from All Sources of Talent in One Place

Many companies focus only on the people they recruit and on referrals, and don’t have the time or resources to evaluate inbound applicants. Eightfold considers every source of talent, including those you’ve never been able to access before: recruits, referrals, all current and past applicants for all roles, and even company alumni. Find great people you would otherwise miss.

Predictive CRM Raises Candidate Engagement 7x

With the power of AI, Eightfold’s candidate engagement provides only the most relevant information to your talent pool. Whether you’re promoting an event, an opportunity, or other content, Eightfold selects the people most likely to respond to your message. Eightfold nurture campaigns regularly achieve 70% open rates and 40% click-through rates―seven times the engagement rates of previous tools.

Top Up Your Talent Pool with the Eightfold Network

Still need more pipeline? Engage the Eightfold Network to select highly qualified prospects from a proprietary database of tens of millions of individuals. With a 3-day turnaround guarantee, the Eightfold Network delivers relevant people often weeks faster than your old solutions.

Replace Low-Value Tools with a Single Talent Intelligence Platform

With your AI-powered talent solution from Eightfold, you’ll be driving 80% faster time-to-interview and up to 60% lower cost-to-hire. With Eightfold delivering exceptional results for talent recruitment and hiring, many customers turn off their old solutions that can no longer create results―adding to your ROI with additional cost savings.

The Eightfold Platform Is a Single Solution for Retention, Recruitment and Diversity

With patented artificial intelligence technology, Eightfold combines your enterprise data with outside sources to identify the right individuals for any need. Companies using the Talent Intelligence Platform, which integrates with ATS and HRIS, quickly achieve improved candidate response, faster hiring cycles, reduced attrition, lower cost-to-hire, greater diversity & inclusion, and other valuable outcomes.

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost to hire
  • Improve quality of talent pool
  • Drive best-fit hires
  • Builds and nurtures a diverse talent pool
  • Convert diverse prospects to candidates
  • Analytics to measure progress
  • Eliminate churn
  • Optimize interaction with employees
  • Provide personalized career path guidance
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  • Hire more talent from web applications
  • Provide an excellent candidate experience
  • Rank your career site high in search results

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