Talent Diversity

Take effective action to reach your diversity goals.

Remove the biases that hinder diverse hiring, and prove the impact of your hiring policies

Diverse organizations perform 12% better according to Gartner, with more innovation and better financial returns. The benefits are obvious, so why has it been so hard to increase hiring of underrepresented groups? Most existing programs focus only on top-of-funnel recruiting. Companies also must actively remove bias from their hiring processes, while holding every part of the organization accountable. Eightfold Talent Diversity offers companies tools to eliminate bias and measure diversity results, so companies can gain the benefits of diversity.

Eliminate the Built-In Bias that Drives Away Candidates

Networking… job descriptions… culture fit interviews. They’re the way hiring has always been done. Companies today have good intentions, but the old ways of recruiting systematically push away the groups that companies most want to encourage. Eightfold’s approach to hiring blows away bias by focusing on what candidates can achieve, without reference to their personal characteristics. Companies can finally reverse the cultural legacy of bias that still keeps each individual from reaching their full potential.

Prevent Bias with Candidate Masking

Eightfold Candidate Masking hides all evidence of personal characteristics so hiring managers cannot use age, gender, ethnicity, geography, or other bias-triggering factors to make interview decisions. Every detail a hiring manager needs is provided, with nothing they don’t have to see. Eightfold Candidate Masking is proven to work, with one company increasing hiring of women by 19% with masking.

Enforce the Policy that Works for Your Company

Each company has developed a hiring policy that is best for its goals. Perhaps your company hires totally blind to EEOC categories. Perhaps you require at least 40% female candidates in every job pipeline, or maybe you require 10% of interviews be military veterans. Your policies matter–with Eightfold Talent Diversity, you can actively pursue your policies and prove that they are followed.

Measure Your Efforts with Diversity Dashboards

The Eightfold Diversity Dashboards provide detailed data for every EEOC category by hiring stage, department, job, office location, and timeframe. With this continuously updated data, you can benchmark your talent practices, identify where recruited talent may be falling out of your hiring process, and take corrective actions where needed. Let sunlight in to your hiring process, without painful and manual data analysis.

With Eightfold, You’re Doing Everything You Can on Diversity

Chances are, your company’s Board of Directors has been discussing diversity for many years. Partnering with Eightfold, you demonstrate your commitment to hire fairly, eliminate bias, measure results, and finally let your positive intentions be matched by visible outcomes.

The Eightfold Platform Is a Single Solution for Retention, Recruitment and Diversity

With patented artificial intelligence technology, Eightfold combines your enterprise data with outside sources to identify the right individuals for any need. Companies using the Talent Intelligence Platform, which integrates with ATS and HRIS, quickly achieve improved candidate response, faster hiring cycles, reduced attrition, lower cost-to-hire, greater diversity & inclusion, and other valuable outcomes.

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost to hire
  • Improve quality of talent pool
  • Drive best-fit hires
  • Builds and nurtures a diverse talent pool
  • Convert diverse prospects to candidates
  • Analytics to measure progress
  • Eliminate churn
  • Optimize interaction with employees
  • Provide personalized career path guidance
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  • Hire more talent from web applications
  • Provide an excellent candidate experience
  • Rank your career site high in search results

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