Talent Management

Keep your best people from fleeing

Increase retention and attract more top performers with true internal mobility

To be a top-performing company, you need your employees to stick around. So why is it easier to recruit another company’s staff than to keep your own? Eightfold Talent Management empowers your employees to find internal jobs and understand their career path, motivating them to stay and grow within your business. Lower turnover means fewer openings to fill and encourages more achievers to join up–leading to a virtuous cycle of retention, growth, and business success.

Create Internal Job Postings that Work

87% of employers say that a strategic internal mobility program would increase their employee retention and bring in better candidates–but just 33% of employers have such a program*. Existing efforts are often manual and poorly aligned with broader recruiting programs. Eightfold Talent Management is the engine of an effective internal mobility program, continuously matching your employees to the opportunities that will motivate, develop, and excite them.

Identify and Nurture Your Future Leaders

It’s a myth that early-career staff want to hop from job to job. Actually, many of them crave stability–they just need confidence that there is a future in your company. Eightfold Talent Management shows staff how they can pursue their own goals and build their careers. With Eightfold, you can offer data-driven mentorship that meets the needs of the company and your people.

Excite Employees to Plan Their Careers

Eightfold Talent Management reveals exactly how new skills and job experiences can lead to career advancement. Recommend skills that each employee can learn for maximum impact, and empower your employees to map their own future.

Enrich and Enhance HRIS and LMS Data

Eightfold integrates with HRIS/HCM and LMS systems, so you can tailor career planning to the tools and processes you already offer. With Eightfold, you’ll see greater usage of learning programs as staff understand the value that new skills can offer.

Don’t Let Your Top Performers Get Poached–Recruit Them First

Eightfold combines your retention program with talent acquisition, so you can consider employees for every position on a companywide basis. Now you can direct flight-risk employees to the best internal opportunity for them, and you can ensure every own position considers internal hires too.

Commit to Diversity with Talent Management

Building a diverse workforce requires cultivating your talent, showing each individual they are welcome, and offering mentorship and advancement. Eightfold Talent Management provides an unbiased way to recommend strong performers for jobs they can do, removing barriers that still often persist.

The Eightfold Platform Is a Single Solution for Retention, Recruitment and Diversity

With patented artificial intelligence technology, Eightfold combines your enterprise data with outside sources to identify the right individuals for any need. Companies using the Talent Intelligence Platform, which integrates with ATS and HRIS, quickly achieve improved candidate response, faster hiring cycles, reduced attrition, lower cost-to-hire, greater diversity & inclusion, and other valuable outcomes.

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost to hire
  • Improve quality of talent pool
  • Drive best-fit hires
  • Builds and nurtures a diverse talent pool
  • Convert diverse prospects to candidates
  • Analytics to measure progress
  • Eliminate churn
  • Optimize interaction with employees
  • Provide personalized career path guidance
Career Site
  • Hire more talent from web applications
  • Provide an excellent candidate experience
  • Rank your career site high in search results

People Are Your Greatest Asset

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