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We started Eightfold with the mission of enabling the “right career for everyone in the world.” Our mission is more relevant today than ever before.

We recently launched Talent Exchange, with McKinsey as a supporting partner, to help impacted companies better serve their employees by connecting their displaced workers to the right jobs in organizations that are hiring. 

In the short span of a few weeks, there are almost a million open job opportunities that need to be filled quickly. This spans everything from knowledge workers to frontline workers. 

Eightfold wants to help friends and family like you to connect with the right employment opportunities in these times.

Building your profile is fast and easy. 

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Step 1Build Your Profile

Build your profile and answer a few questions relevant to your experience. This will be used to match you to the most relevant open job.

Additionally, please ask your recent employer to join the platform here. This will enable them to give a recommendation that will enable better job discovery. 

There is no second step.  We will work behind the scenes to see how we can help.

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