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AI is here. To grow your career, you need to know how it works.

Eightfold Talent University is the place for HR professionals to learn about what’s next for talent.  The Introduction to Talent Intelligence course below will help you learn how AI can be used to improve the candidate experience, sourcing, screening, virtual events, internal mobility, retention, reskilling a workforce, diversity, succession planning, and contingent workforce management.

View short videos of about three minutes each, and take a quick quiz to show your expertise — and get the industry’s first Talent Intelligence certification.

Introduction to Talent Intelligence
Learn how AI makes Talent Transformation possible.
Section 1: Intro to Talent Intelligence
Section 2: Talent Experience
Section 3: Talent Acquisition
Section 4: Talent Diversity
Section 5: Talent Management
Section 6: Contingent Work
Section 7: A Deeper Dive Into AI
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