Talent Intelligence Platform™

“The Eightfold platform helps us improve operational efficiencies so we can quickly engage with high quality candidates and match past applicants to new openings.”

Olivia Melman, Manager,
Recruiting Operations at DigitalOcean

Eightfold.ai, the first AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform (TIP)™, revolutionizes the talent acquisition process to challenge systemic issues relating to hiring, retention, and engagement. Eightfold.ai’s TIP integrates with HRMS and ATS allowing teams to amass all relevant and externally available data in one place—a single system of record. It then uses its powerful AI engine to enable customers, for the first time, to make use of all the available data to identify highly qualified and retainable candidates for their open positions, reduce churn of talented employees, and meet diversity and inclusion goals. In short, it allows companies to hire, engage, and retain the best fit candidates to support business goals.

Eightfold.ai Difference for Talent Management

We apply our insights to your company data giving you powerful tools to complete recruiting and retention tasks and make informed decisions faster.

Find Hidden Gems in Legacy Data

Instant Resume

Automated & Targeted Nurturing

Increase Qualified Applications

Instant pre-screened pipeline

Talent Management with Machine Learning

Eightfold’s revolutionary, patent-pending AI not only takes over the workload of HR staff, it can do a better job by:

  • allowing talent acquistion teams to instantly engage with qualified candidates for their open positions by leveraging the enriched and updated profiles of all past, current, and future candidates
  • helping organizations meet their diversity goals by masking of relevant data—demographics, gender, race, etc.—removing selective or subconscious bias
  • prioritizing search criteria to source a more diverse and inclusive pool of highly qualified candidates
  • creating a clear career trajectory for employees that identifies any skills gaps and the best way to meet their aspirations, while enabling employers to identify those who are ready for their next career challenge

TIP Key Capabilities

  • Diversity built-in
  • Instantly find a wide range of leads for open positions
  • Retain employees by developing internal mobility
  • Screen large volumes of candidates
  • Benefit from an unbiased system that learns what a best fit applicant looks like
  • Create a Talent Intelligence Platform™ System of Record

Why Eightfold is Right for the Enterprise

HR • Will realize better employee engagement
• Help employees project a successful career path
• Identify attrition before it happens, and take action to avoid it


• Reduce attrition by identifying “at risk” employees and providing better career options internally
• Win the talent war in time to build, service, and drive new business


• Will find potentially huge cost savings by reducing attrition with better engagement and clearly defined internal mobility
• Will reduce the cost to hire talent
• Can hire in time to meet the objectives of the business plan
• Can get alignment across the lines of business to invest and leverage your talent network


• Will leverage an AI-powered platform to improve operational efficiencies and organizational productivity
• Ensure GDPR compliance
• Will transform the entire organization to make better/faster decisions around talent using the Talent
Intelligence Platform System of Record
• Can leverage ease of integration with legacy systems


• Can invest in retaining and attracting the top talent available
• Can drive their diversity and inclusion agendas, resulting in a more productive organization

Return on Investment

Value realized by customers:

Reduced Time to Hire

  • 40% Reduction in time to hire
  • 90% reduction in sourcing + screening time

Reduced Cost/Hire

  • 55% reduction in talent operations costs
  • 20% reduction in vendor costs

Reduced Churn

  • 42% reduction in voluntary attrition
  • 20% increase in internal mobility