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Close the talent gap with
the first Talent Intelligence Platform
Built on AI, the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform provides a single source of action for all people in the business: your recruited talent, your applicants current and past, your employees, and your alumni.

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Eightfold uses deep learning, personalization, optimization, and Equal Opportunity Algorithms

Eightfold’s advanced technologies solve the talent challenges of a modern workforce, and provide the experience talent professionals and candidates have been waiting for.

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Deep learning provides deep insights

Our deep learning technology uses billions of data points from more than 100 million talent profiles, providing highly accurate recommendations to recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Finding insights of people’s capabilities and career paths; not just what they have done in the past.

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Instantly match internal and external candidates to relevant jobs

Eightfold provides personalization for every individual at every point of interaction, delivering the type of experience your employees and candidates have come to expect from current technology. This personalized approach is much faster, more accurate, and more transparent about qualifications and requirements for a job, and encourages qualified candidates to apply.

Work at scale usability - Technology
Eightfold capabilities work at scale in real time

Eightfold delivers results in sub-second timeframes, even for requests involving millions of records.

eliminate recruiting bias - Technology
Technology that avoids and removes bias

Eightfold employs Equal Opportunity Algorithms and other best practices that ensure every recommendation is unbiased.

Explainable AI - Technology
See the reasons for each recommendation

Following the principle of Explainable AI, Eightfold shows the factors behind recommendations so you can make decisions with confidence.

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Faster time to candidate interview

Get an instant list of qualified and engaged candidates for all your open roles

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Reduction in cost to actually hire

Use AI to uncover highly qualified and interested candidates in your talent network

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Reduction in regrettable attrition

Uncover and engage at-risk employees to avoid attrition

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Improvement in candidate relevance

Match candidates to the jobs that best fit their capabilities

Talent Intelligence

Explore our Talent Intelligence Platform

Talent Acquisition

Use AI recruiting to improve efficiency from source-to-offer

Talent Diversity

Reveal and remove bias and improve diversity

Talent Management

Retain top talent by guiding employees to the next step in their career

Talent Experience

Attract the right candidates with a relevant and personalized experience