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Creating Opportunities post Covid-19
  • Instantly provide new jobs opportunities in the Tourism Sector.
  • Leverage AI technologies to understand transferable skills for any role and matches people accordingly.
  • Simple process for hiring managers to make offers quickly.
  • Transparency into why an individual is recommended.

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Jobs Factory Powered by Eightfold AI

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Tourism Sector Jobs Globally
Tourism Jobs Globally
~$1.2 Trillion
Loss Revenue Tourism
Direct Tourism Jobs at Risk
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UNWTO Jobs Factory powered by Eightfold AI: Creating Opportunities post Covid-19.
With the unprecedented crisis in the global tourism and 100 to 120 million direct tourism jobs at risk. Therefore the UNWTO is collaborating with Eightfold AI to develop a joint pilot project called “Jobs Factory” to improve talent acquisition and foster competitiveness in the tourism sector through an Artificial Intelligence Platform to address to help the Workforce in the Global Tourism Industry and the Employment Crisis post Covid19.

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