Foreword by John W. Thompson

What’s Next For You?

The Eightfold Path To Transforming The Way We Hire And Manage Talent.

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What If You Could Unlock Your Future Potential — Right Now

In What’s Next For You: The Eightfold Path to Transforming The Way We Hire And Manage Talent, global machine learning expert Ashutosh Garg and extreme ownership practitioner Kamal Ahluwalia of Eightfold.ai lay out a comprehensive roadmap that puts the candidate and employee first.

The book combines insights from more than 20 experts in the global human resources and diversity/inclusion fields with the latest research to reveal just how vast the talent crisis is — and how we can solve it with advances in AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning).

Complete with easy-to-implement “Top Talent Tips” at the end of each section, What’s Next For You will show you how to effectively utilize AI in:

  • Unlocking your future potential
  • AI for recruitment
  • Diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Employee retention and internal mobility
  • Reducing bias at work
  • And most importantly, creating a happier, more diverse workforce — the backbone of a productive and progressive society.

Ashutosh Garg

Ashutosh Garg is CEO and Cofounder at Eightfold.ai, a Silicon Valley-based company revolutionizing the talent management space through its patented artificial intelligence platform. With 6000+ research citations, 50+ patents, 35+ peer reviewed research publications, and the outstanding PhD thesis award from UIUC for his PhD thesis in Machine Learning, it’s fair to say that Ashu is one of the world’s experts in machine learning.

Kamal Ahluwalia

Kamal Ahluwalia brings extensive experience in creating software categories, scaling businesses and ensuring that customer and partner success drive business success. As Chief Revenue Officer at Apttus, Kamal led the company to market leadership in multiple product categories ahead of Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, IBM, and others. Hius leadership style has been transformed by the “Extreme Ownership” doctrine practice by US Navy Seals.

Foreword by John W. Thompson

What’s Next For You

The Eightfold Path To Transforming The Way We Hire And Manage Talent.

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