Strong DE&I Programs are Critical to Attract and Retain Your Talent

Eightfold® technology prevents bias and provides tools to deliver DE&I strategies.

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AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform™

Why Eightfold / Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Take effective action on DE&I with trust, transparency, and empowerment

Having a strong DE&I strategy boosts overall talent strategy, and a company’s bottom line. Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform™ builds on existing DE&I efforts with bias-reducing features, employee tools, and real-time data.

AI Can Help Achieve Diversity Goals

By anonymizing people in the hiring process, and providing analytics about where people are not progressing, AI can greatly improve diversity.

Inclusive hiring starts with a personalized career site focused on skills

DE&I strategy begins with the very first candidate interaction. A career site powered by Eightfold is personalized to the candidate’s skills, fast to use, transparent, and encouraging, helping each candidate see themselves as a full participant in the company.

Anonymize candidate profiles to prevent unconscious bias

Hiring managers and recruiters should screen candidates based on qualifications. Anonymous profiles hide personal information such as evidence of gender and ethnicity, so talent decisions are based on the skills and potential of each candidate.

Mask candidates anonymize candidate profiles
Diversity analytics charts

Diversity analytics offer actionable insights and support equity

Despite all other efforts, unequal outcomes can occur. Diversity analytics update daily to flag potential bias anywhere in the hiring process, so the organization can investigate and resolve any cause. Diversity analytics also measure the need for, and impact of, equity policies.

AI-powered and self-service career planning is more inclusive

Despite all best intentions, many factors combine to adversely impact diverse talent. Eightfold Talent Management solutions empower employees to explore and pursue their growth based on their skills and interests, removing barriers from legacy methods for mentorship, skills development, promotion, and lateral transfer.

matched positions in Eightfold career planner

Equal Opportunity Algorithms prevent AI bias and boost trust

Eightfold uses the Equal Opportunity Algorithms method to ensure every recommendation uses only relevant data, and never uses factors such as age, race, gender, or disability status. With Explainable AI, Eightfold shows how each recommendation is based on relevant data and builds trust in all talent decisions.

A Single AI Platform for All Talent. Diversity. Anonymization. Prediction. We hold the patents.

Talent University. Introduction to Talent Intelligence

The Introduction to Talent Intelligence course below demonstrates how AI can be used to improve the candidate experience, sourcing, screening, virtual events, internal mobility, retention, reskilling a workforce, diversity, succession planning, and contingent workforce management.