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HR's Future State Report 2021: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Talent Processes

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The nature of work continues to evolve, and the talent gap continues to widen. HR leaders are responding to these talent management challenges by embracing technology, specifically AI, to proactively plan for future workforce needs.

This is the key insight from our March 2021 survey of 224 manager-level individuals at large companies, most of whom work in HR departments.

Read the report now to learn why:

  • Nearly 82 percent of survey respondents believe HR teams will incorporate more AI tools into their talent management processes over the next five years.
  • More than 50 percent of companies already use AI-related technologies to transform their talent management processes.
  • 60 percent of HR professionals plan to use AI to promote inclusion and equity among employees as well as upskill and reskill employees to prepare them for the future with the company.

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