About Us 

Uncovering the Future Potential of Talent

Eightfold is inspired by the ancient philosophy of the Eightfold Path that empowers people to pursue a path of their choosing, encourages them to learn, unlearn, and develop the core skills they need to achieve their goals and aspirations.

We believe employment is the backbone of our society and everyone deserves the right job. Today you get the job based on who you might know and not what you are capable of doing. We’ve brought the world’s best team together – machine learning, artificial intelligence, search and relevancy experts with experience building products at scale – to solve employment – finding the right person for the right role at the right time. This is our Mission. This gets us going every morning. Join us. Help us. Let’s make it happen.

Leadership Team


“Eightfold has an incredible opportunity to help people reach their full potential in their careers while empowering the workforces of the future”

– Peter Nieh

“Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform™ reimagines how employees and employers discover each other, helps people find better opportunities, and saves everyone time and expense”

– Ashu Garg

Join Our Team

We are a fast-growing team of engineers, data scientists, salespeople, and marketers, and are always looking for other curious, creative, and passionate people to join our team. If you’re interested in helping us on our mission, please get in touch.


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