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Embracing AI for Technical Recruiting

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“Dive in and embrace it. If you use it well you’ll find a great timesaver, and you’ll build quite quickly and make hires from it. So embrace it.”

Sarah Hallahan, Manager – Technical Talent Acquisition, AdRoll

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The Best Recruiting Tool Ever

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“… what [Eightfold] does is it frees up the recruiters to focus on the part where the human element’s important and allow them to go in and eliminate having to spend all day looking through that database for pockets of gold.”

Joe Belluomini, Talent Acquisition Leader, Coit Group

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Meeting Diversity Goals with AI

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“… the concept of AI applied to alleviate a lot of the unconscious biases can be a tremendous benefit to the industry, to people that are in need of hiring. I hire many people all the time, and it’s important to find the right fit.”

Virgilio Vargas, VP Business Systems, McAfee

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Radical Commitment to Diversity with AI

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“… you can immediately see through their data gathering tool who the key people are that you should be focusing on in terms of not only the current available positions but future growth opportunities that are in the business. It’s a fascinating tool.”

Russell Williams, VP Human Resources, Xerox Parc

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Transforming Recruiting Operations with AI

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“… it really helps us find a diverse pool of candidates and be more inclusive and reduce any kind of unconscious bias that might creep into the interview process. So overall it’s a silver bullet. It’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s not too good to be true.”

Liz Houndshell, Recruiting Operations, Stripe

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Perfecting Talent Acquisition with AI

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“… having a tool that’s going to really make it easy to find qualified candidates and ones that are actually interested in Twilio and know about Twilio and are excited about Twilio, makes our jobs a lot easier and helps us kind of scale the company.”

Meredith Alvin, Technical Recruiter,
& Sierra Molina, formerly Recruiting Operations Supervisor, Twilio

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