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Embracing AI for Technical Recruiting

“Dive in and embrace it. If you use it well you’ll find a great timesaver, and you’ll build quite quickly and make hires from it. So embrace it.”

Sarah Hallahan, Manager – Technical Talent Acquisition, AdRoll

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Leveraging AI to Take a Second Look at Employees & Discover New Opportunities

“As the whole market changes, what we need from our employees and what they want from their jobs has changed. So it’s really important that we have the tools internally to empower them to help them find their path.”

– Meg Blight, VP of Innovation at BT

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Providing Happiness & Creating Impact with a Diverse Workforce

“For me not everyone is called to be a caregiver. So if Eightfold can help us provide those caregivers who might be able to provide the right support for our clients we’re all for that.”

– Vanessa co-founder, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Care Indeed

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The Best Recruiting Tool Ever

“… what [Eightfold] does is it frees up the recruiters to focus on the part where the human element’s important and allow them to go in and eliminate having to spend all day looking through that database for pockets of gold.”

Joe Belluomini, Talent Acquisition Leader, Coit Group

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Removing Bias by Applying Machine Learning and AI in Recruitment

“I think it’s really interesting what Eightfold is doing applying this to HR, because I think there’s a really big problem out there and a big opportunity out there.”

– Kevin McClelland Financial Investment Banker, JMP Securities

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Re-tapping into the Candidate Pool Using Artificial Intelligence

“We have to kill the status quo and we have to be questing after new ways, new approaches, more systematic, more efficient, more automated ways of doing things. And I think Eightfold is a company that’s got that vision and so we look for companies like that to partner with to make us better.”

– Jared Lucas, Chief People Officer, MobileIron

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Finding People Who Fit then Meeting their Aspirations with AI

“Eightfold is doing something amazing that at least it’s worth taking a look at it.”

– Sham Namashivayam, NetApp

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Using AI to Break Down the Built-in Biases in Recruitment – Pandora

“Pandora is known for diversity. They [Eightfold] have a lot of diversity goals. Something like an AI-based recruitment tool can definitely help with that diversity goals right there.”

– Harish Goli, Product Owner for Audio Ads, Pandora

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Perfecting Talent Acquisition with AI

“… having a tool that’s going to really make it easy to find qualified candidates and ones that are actually interested in Twilio and know about Twilio and are excited about Twilio, makes our jobs a lot easier and helps us kind of scale the company.”

Meredith Alvin, Technical Recruiter,
& Sierra Molina, formerly Recruiting Operations Supervisor, Twilio

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Using AI to Break Down the Built-in Biases in Recruitment – Vyn

“As we go through the process of scaling up and ensuring that we give everybody an equal opportunity, the value of machine learning to identify resources and capabilities has become more important.”

-Kunal Mahajan, Head of Business, US, Vyn

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