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Eightfold drives measurable impact for customers

Read about the difference the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform is making across industries and around the world.

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Our Customers
Leading Talent Transformation with AI

Eightfold customers are world leaders in financial services, media & entertainment, technology, consumer packaged goods, insurance, professional services, and other sectors.

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Customer Success

“Through our partnership with Eightfold, we will leverage AI to provide a more engaging candidate experience.”

Henry Jones, Director of Talent Acquisition, Conagra Brands

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Customer Success

Since adopting Eightfold, AdRoll’s technical recruiting team has come to rely on Eightfold on a daily basis. In particular, the Talent Intelligence Platform lead nurture functionality has lead to some serious recruiting wins.

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Customer Success

Twilio is leveraging Eightfold’s AI power to perfect its talent acquisition, achieving greater efficiency and hiring success with the Talent Intelligence Platform.

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Customer Success

“What [Eightfold] does is it frees up the recruiters to focus on the part where the human element’s important and allow them to go in and eliminate having to spend all day looking through that database for pockets of gold.”

Joe Belluomini, Talent Acquisition Leader, Coit Group

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“This product is the first recruiting platform that I have actually been excited about in a very long time!”
– Nadia Afaneh, Recruiting Operations Manager, Hulu