Talent Management

Unlock Workforce Potential

Eightfold® Talent Management guides employees to what’s next in their careers.

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AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform™

Drive talent development and retention with
deep-learning AI.

Eightfold Talent Management unlocks workforce potential with purpose-built AI:
Career Planner

Engage and retain employees by delivering personalized development paths

Eightfold Career Hub integrates all facets of development programs, such as projects, courses, mentors, jobs, and more, to deliver integrated, personalized career plans to each employee in a self-service model.

Internal Mobility

Proactively match opportunities to employee career aspirations

47% of top talent leave within 2 years, but most would happily stay if given the right opportunity. Eightfold Talent Management suggests relevant career opportunities to employees, and enables recruiters to identify internal talent for open roles.

Career Development

Guide employees to the courses and projects that advance their careers

Every employee has career aspirations, and most require the development of new skills. Eightfold Career Hub maximizes your existing L&D investments by delivering the courses and projects that help employees develop the skills required to meet their career goals.

Talent Redeployment

Successfully redeploy employees whose jobs are impacted by a reduction in force

Eightfold Talent Redeployment improves employee morale and increases employee productivity. By delivering personalized reskilling and upskilling opportunities through Career Hub, customers help their employees find relevant jobs within the organization.
Talent Marketplace

Unlock hidden capabilities and potential

Every employee brings a rich history of experiences beyond their current role. With a talent marketplace, managers can quickly find employees with the skills they need to advance critical projects, and employees can identify projects that match their capabilities and aspirations.

Succession Planning

Identify your bench for every role

Succession planning is mostly done once a year for specific roles or seniority levels. Using Eightfold’s deep learning AI, it’s now possible to identify the slate of employees who can best step into any role, based on the skills and potential of each individual.

increase in internal mobility

Tata Communications had an increase of 82% with internal mobility

Greater than 75% employee engagements with Career Hub