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Hire diverse and highly skilled talent faster with AI in Talent Acquisition

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Of all new hires made through talent rediscovery with Activision
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Email open rate for recruiting campaigns with Nutanix
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More women applied during the first three months of using Eightfold at Vodafone
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Application completion rate at Noom

Bring the right talent into focus
with AI for Talent Acquisition

Most recruiting solutions are built to screen people out — we designed Eightfold Talent Acquisition for inclusion. Gain a comprehensive view of all talent, from candidates to employees, to help you see beyond résumés and into potential.

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A single AI platform

Everything you need in one AI-powered recruitment product
Every organization needs to hire top talent, increase diversity, and offer a compelling candidate experience. From sourcing to final candidate selection, we help you reduce time and cost to fill while providing an unmatched candidate experience in Talent Acquisition.
A single AI platform

Recruiter experience​

Recruiters become talent advisers with AI in Talent Acquisition
Our AI platform eases the difficult tasks of sourcing, screening, and scheduling, so you can cut out manual work and focus your time on connecting people with the right roles.
Recruiter experience

Candidate experience

Open candidates’ eyes to what’s possible

Many applicants, especially minorities, undersell their qualifications. AI in Talent Acquisition helps candidates explore jobs where they may show potential and understand why, boosting their confidence and application rates.
Candidate experience

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Increase diversity and reduce bias​

Drive meaningful change with AI-powered recruitment

Review masked candidate profiles and deploy real-time diversity analytics to mitigate bias, measure equity efforts, and increase diverse hires.

Increase diversity and reduce bias
Talent transformation

Talent transformation​

Make skills a universal language for your organization

Recruiters, managers, and the entire HR team can make informed decisions with our AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform, with consistent processes and standardized metrics that match talent with business needs.

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Talent intelligence

Unrivaled insights, extraordinary outcomes

Our Talent Intelligence Platform uses deep-learning AI and the world’s largest global talent data set to provide unrivaled insights into your workforce and the industry at large.

Recruit talent efficiently, exceed diversity goals, retain top performers, and upskill and reskill your workforce with a single solution for all things talent.

Talent intelligence

See beyond résumés and into a candidate's skills and potential.