Reduce unemploymentwith deep-learning AI

Eightfold Workforce Exchange

Workforce Exchange connects people with meaningful work and learning opportunities through an advanced job marketplace powered by AI

Building real careers through workforce development

That’s why we created Workforce Exchange, to bring together employers, job seekers, and support agencies to match candidates to the best opportunities so they can build meaningful careers.

AI-powered career center

Match job seekers to roles and learning opportunities

Deep-learning AI efficiently matches people with employers, helping them discover rewarding work faster and making it easier for organizations to find them.

Job seekers are also given relevant training recommendations based on their capabilities, experiences, skills and potential.

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AI-powered career center​

Explainable skills insights

Help job seekers understand their skills to unlock career opportunities

Reveal possible career opportunities based on their experience and potential. We provide a full view of their current, adjacent, and inferred skills to surface insights into where they might excel next.

Career planning

Identify potential career paths for people experiencing job transitions or looking for something new

We help people find work they love by identifying career paths aligned to their current and adjacent skills. This expands opportunities for job seekers wanting to try something new and for employers looking for people to excel in new areas.

Career planning​

Why customers love Workforce Exchange

Upskilling and reskilling ​

Provide personalized recommendations on how to acquire new skills

Get ahead of market changes with upskilling and reskilling plans focused on keeping job seekers updated with the latest information via training and other educational opportunities.

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Encourage adoption with an optimal career site experience for candidates

Deliver job leads directly to job seekers with proactive alerts and an ideal self-service experience so they can explore new opportunities on their own.

Personalized résumés

Create autogenerated résumés targeted to roles based on a person’s profile and job descriptions

Dynamic onboarding allows job seekers to quickly upload a résumé based on existing CV, their public career profile, or create one from scratch, with a focus on generating richer profiles that result in better matches for roles.

Personalized résumés​

Employer network

Enable organizations to proactively search for and engage job seekers

Easily publish open roles and job requirements to proactively search for active candidates in any database.

Employer network

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