Workforce Exchange

Reduce Unemployment with Deep-Learning AI

The Eightfold® Workforce Exchange AI-powered career center efficiently matches job seekers with employers at scale, in support of public policies that accelerate reemployment of citizens.

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AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform™

Deep-Learning AI

Recommend open roles based on potential

Eightfold’s patented Deep-Learning AI delivers relevant job recommendations at scale based on the capabilities, experiences and potential of job seekers.

Understanding Capabilities

Help citizens understand their capabilities and unlock career opportunities

Eightfold’s AI-based Capabilities Matrix identifies a job seeker’s potential to succeed in a position, taking into account transferable skills and relevant experiences, helping them find rewarding employment faster.
Workforce Development

Support a future-ready workforce

Workforce Exchange provides career planning and assessment capabilities for reskilling and upskilling citizens, to aid them with job and career transitions.

Deliver a consumer-quality self-service experience to encourage adoption

The Workforce Exchange delivers intuitive, high quality self-service experiences enabling job seekers to easily join a career center, explore career aspirations, pursue career opportunities, and receive guidance and alerts based on individual preferences.
Employer Network

Build and sustain healthy employer networks

Workforce Exchange enables employers to easily connect with labor markets and specific talent pools, to benefit from instant pipelines of matched candidates and to proactively reach out to job seekers.


Promote diversity in hiring across employer networks

Workforce Exchange utilizes Equal Opportunity Algorithms, anonymized screening, diversity analytics and campaign functionality and more, to prevent bias in recruiting and to encourage diversity in hiring by employers.


Pursue reemployment policies with security

Eightfold’s AI-powered Workforce Exchange is FedRAMP ready and certified for key security certifications to comply with public sector requirements for Cloud-based technologies.
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Workforce Exchange

Reduce Unemployment and Advance Reemployment with Deep Learning AI