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Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform™
The most effective solution for organizations to find, engage, and retain qualified staff.

Talent Intelligence Platform.
Acquisition, Management, Mobility and Diversity in One Platform.

The Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform is built with AI technology that radically increases the effectiveness of talent operations, so recruiting and HR teams can reach their goals for recruitment, retention, diversity, and staff development. Only Eightfold offers one platform that increases the performance of talent operations company wide, controls costs, and reduces the need for one-off tools.

The Eightfold Network

Eightfold Is Your Private Talent Network

Eightfold’s Platform combines your proprietary corporate data, including ATS and HRIS data, with public sources to deliver a talent application individually suited to your needs–a secure, private talent network at your fingertips.

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Talent Management and Acquisition on One Platform

The Talent Intelligence Platform delivers unique powers for talent teams. Have a job opening? Now you can consider all past applicants, current employees, and alumni as well as new recruits. Worried about losing top performers? Now you can offer them lateral transfer opportunities they actually want. These are just two new powers you gain from talent management and talent acquisition on one platform. Outcomes include 60% lower cost-to-hire and 25% lower attrition.

Nurture Campaigns

Unlock the Knowledge in Existing HR Systems

The Talent Intelligence Platform integrates to your existing ATS and HRIS including Taleo, Workday, Jobvite, Greenhouse, Lever, and more. Integration includes bi-directional data sync, and uses your existing HR workflows such as application stages. Retain your systems of record while unlocking the insights in your data.

Find Qualified Candidates

Get Instant Ranked Pipelines of Qualified Candidates

Eightfold finds candidates who match your desired requirements using holistic criteria including titles, seniority, education, past companies, skills, and more. AI-based matching is far more effective than older keyword-based recruiting tools, and can be adjusted in real time. Recruiters using Eightfold report 90% less time spent on sourcing.

Talent Diversity

Discover the Solution that Actually Delivers Diversity

The Talent Intelligence Platform enables meaningful action in support of inclusion efforts. Sourcing professionals can quickly build pipelines that meet company goals for diversity. Recruiters can mask personal details in candidate profiles to remove hiring bias from screening and interview decisions. HR leaders can gain detailed metrics to report the impact of these actions.

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Source from a World-Class Network

The Eightfold Network is Eightfold’s own database of millions of engineers, marketers, doctors, sales professionals, scientists, executives, and others in every field. Locate candidates according to your requirements, then pull them into your own network for recruitment and hire. To date, customers have found more than 2 million leads using the Eightfold Network.

Continuously Updated Profiles

Enjoy Continuously Updated Profiles

Eightfold maintains profiles against public sources of information. Now your recruiting is no longer blocked by bad email addresses and other old data. Continuous updating of staff profiles can indicate which people are preparing to leave the company, flagging them for retention actions.

Matche candidates to jobs

Empower Your Staff and Applicants with Smart Technology

Eightfold’s AI not only matches your job criteria to candidates, it also matches candidates to jobs. Inbound applicants use Smart Apply to locate the most appropriate open positions in seconds. Your current employees use Smart Referral to direct their referrals to appropriate open positions, leading to more successful hires from referral.

Rich Profiles

Optimize Your Engagement with AI and See 7x Response

The Talent Intelligence Platform includes a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) capability, powered by AI to save time and improve your results. Eightfold’s CRM automatically builds lists of recipients who will be interested in your message. Response prediction estimates how many people will click, reply, or sign up, leading to better success with less effort: up to seven times higher response rates.

Plan Your Career Path

Bulk Import Resumes and Save Hours of Review

The Talent Intelligence Platform is ideal for job fairs and campus recruiting. Import books with thousands of resumes to identify the individuals you want to interview and nurture, matched to the most appropriate roles–all in just a few minutes.

Masked Profiles

Built-In Insights Create Blown-Out Results

Use detailed analytics to understand your talent network profiles, your recruiting funnels, and changes in your recruiting performance over time. Eightfold Insights exceed the capability offered by many ATS and HRIS systems, and enable you to show the impact of talent activities on the business.

The Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform A Single Solution for Retention, Recruitment and Diversity

With patented artificial intelligence technology, Eightfold combines your enterprise data with outside sources to identify the right individuals for any need. Companies using the Talent Intelligence Platform, which integrates with ATS and HRIS, quickly achieve improved candidate response, faster hiring cycles, reduced attrition, lower cost-to-hire, greater diversity & inclusion, and other valuable outcomes.

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost to hire
  • Improve quality of talent pool
  • Drive best-fit hires
  • Builds and nurtures a diverse talent pool
  • Convert diverse prospects to candidates
  • Analytics to measure progress
  • Eliminate churn
  • Optimize interaction with employees
  • Provide personalized career path guidance
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  • Hire more talent from web applications
  • Provide an excellent candidate experience
  • Rank your career site high in search results

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