Talent Intelligence Platform™

Eightfold sits alongside Workday, SuccessFactors, Taleo, Greenhouse, or any other HRMS/ATS, and transforms your entire talent ecosystem. AI-driven, continuous learning platform brings intelligence from mining millions of data points and billions of interactions across the internet to your organization. Eightfold gives Talent teams intelligent applications needed to optimize the entire talent lifecycle, and build a winning organization.

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How Eightfold Drives Performance Across The Entire Employee Lifecycle


Build your very own talent network

  • Create a centralized system of record for all your talent data, including ATS, HRMS, spreadsheets, resume books and file folders
  • Parse and organize people data, for a rich view of every individual, including relationships and communication history


Gain actionable insights–from candidate-to-alumni

  • Discover top performers, and identify performance trends across all employees
  • See who is at risk for attrition
  • Use data to uncover the best-fit individual for every job


Engage people on an ongoing basis

  • Engage current employees and alumni to drive more referrals
  • Keep past candidates engaged to shorten future hiring cycles
  • Build your brand with hyper-personalized recruitment marketing


Drive best fit hires

  • Select the “ideal” candidate from existing profiles within or outside your company
  • Use guided research assistant to build more effective job descriptions
  • Use market data to understand what skills to look for in a role, and where the best candidates come from


Ensure candidates apply to the right role

  • Guide inbound applicants to the most relevant jobs based on their profile
  • Ensure job descriptions are always relevant and up-to-date


Never miss a great referral

  • Make it easy for employees and alumni to refer the most relevant candidates
  • Surface qualified referral candidates in real time to the most relevant recruiters.


Get qualified and engaged pipeline for all your open roles

  • Get an instant pipeline of qualified candidate profiles for every open role
  • Use rich data around every individual to understand fit and potential

Get The Most Out Of Your Workforce


Make candidate discovery smarter

  • Uncover the hidden gems in your ATS and other candidate databases
  • Refine and filter people by traits, engagement and qualifications
  • Set alerts and engage people as and when they are ready to move


Understand people with actionable insights

  • Get a complete and centralized candidate view, leveraging detailed information from across the web
  • Reveal deep insights about your people–including top performers, new skills, overlapping connections, and alignment with company culture


Help employees achieve their full potential

  • Help employees understand what growth opportunities exist in the organization
  • Recommend opportunities to resolve skill gaps, find mentorship, or take on new challenges within the company
  • Break through cultural and skill silos to build a well-rounded, inclusive organization

Create A More Diverse Workforce


Eliminate hiring bias

  • Mask names, portraits and anything else that may create biased hiring decisions
  • Track KPIs to measure success of diversity initiatives


Manage the success of your diversity initiatives

  • Understand where is bias introduced in your interview process
  • Prioritize actions to help you eliminate bias from your hiring process

People Are Your Greatest Asset

Hire, engage and retain the best