Eightfold Talent Flex

Build an elastic workforce with deep-learning AI

Find top contingent talent for every business need

With Talent Flex solutions, you can directly source high-quality contingent workers faster to close skills gaps and lower hiring costs.

Connect your talent strategies

Create a 360° view of your workforce

Connect your full-time and contingent hiring strategies with Talent Flex solutions to meet business needs by closing skills gaps.
Connect your talent strategies

Speed up time to hire

Connect people with the right roles faster

With Talent Flex solutions, you can tap into your entire existing talent pool of previous candidates, employees, and contingent workers.
Speed up time to hire​

Candidate experience

Open candidates’ eyes to what’s possible
with Talent Flex

Many applicants, especially minorities, undersell their qualifications. Talent Flex solutions with explainable AI helps candidates explore jobs where they may show potential and understand why, boosting confidence and application rates.

AI-powered candidate matching

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Direct sourcing

Hire faster, spend less

Reduce cost and dependencies on staffing agencies through direct sourcing with Talent Flex. Find, manage, engage, and re-engage candidates to rapidly fill when they are needed.
Direct sourcing​
Increase diversity and reduce bias​​

Increase diversity and reduce bias​

Drive meaningful change

Review candidates and deploy real-time diversity analytics with Talent Flex solutions to mitigate bias, measure equity efforts, and increase diverse hires.

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It's time for a better way to source high-quality contingent talent.