Talent Flex

Revolutionize your contingent workforce

Eightfold® Talent Flex increases workforce agility in a dynamic market with a 360-degree view of your entire workforce.

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AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform™

Create an Elastic Talent Strategy with Deep-Learning AI​

Contingent workers are an essential, and growing,
part of the workforce.

More than half of the U.S. workforce will participate in the gig economy by 2027, according to Statistica. From completing project-based work to filling critical skills gaps, these workers play an increasingly critical role in the talent ecosystem. A total talent strategy connects permanent and contingent hiring efforts to create a 360-degree view of your workforce. It’s time to unlock contingent talent potential with skills-based AI.

Scale Your Workforce

Get instant access to your entire talent pool

Accelerate time to hire by tapping into existing talent pools of previous candidates, employees, and contingent workers.

Timely, Intelligent, and Explainable Candidate Matching

Make better-informed decisions and find higher-quality hires

With visibility into past projects, quickly identify the best person for the gig.

Save Money Through Direct Sourcing

Minimize dependencies on outside staffing firms

Streamline workflows and processes across the entire talent ecosystem while reducing costs.

Now is the time to benefit from a single AI platform to realize the full potential of your contingent workforce.

Eightfold Talent Flex is an AI-powered solution for talent leaders and procurement to efficiently source high-quality contingent workforces at scale.