Create an
inclusive workforce

Boost your overall talent ecosystem and drive positive business outcomes with a strong DEI strategy. AI can support and advance your diversity goals.

Personalize the hiring process

Inclusive hiring begins with the first candidate interaction. Help candidates see themselves in your organization with a career site personalized to their skills.

Hire for potential

Personalize the hiring process

Reduce unconscious bias

Give hiring managers and recruiters the ability to review candidates based on their professional qualifications and skills potential. Our AI talent intelligence uses masked profiles to hide personal information, including gender and ethnicity.

Anonymize candidate profiles

Prevent unconscious bias

Flag potential bias

Our AI-powered platform is engineered to flag potential bias in the hiring process, enabling you to investigate and resolve any cause, and measure the need and impact of equity policies.

Make diversity a core value

Flat potential bias

Empower employees

Support your entire workforce with self-service tools free from the barriers of legacy methods, so they can explore career opportunities based on their skills and interests.

Unlock workforce potential

Empower employees

Trust your talent decisions

We use Equal Opportunity Algorithms to support recommendations that are based on relevant data and which do not use protected traits such as age, race, gender, or disability status.

Support DEI with deep-learning AI

Trust your talent decision

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The Talent Intelligence Platform

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Attract, retain, and grow top talent with our deep-learning AI platform. We use global talent data sets to provide clarity into internal and external talent so you can make confident decisions and drive real change across your organization.

Ready for greatness? Transform your talent process with AI.