Skills intelligence is fundamental to understanding your workforce and developing a strategic advantage.

Skills are the new currency in talent.​

You must understand talent at the skills level to see where your industry is going and what skills you need to be competitive. By building a skills-based organization, you can lead teams more effectively, better manage and motivate people, and develop the skills your organization needs for the future.

With skills intelligence, you can develop a talent strategy that supports your business strategy.

Combine skills insights at a market, organizational, and employee level to plan for the skills of the future. Avoid skills obsolescence by continually ensuring your organization has the right skills where and when they are needed to grow and expand your business.

Understand your workforce

Hire for potential using deep-learning AI
Understand your employees’ skills, whether through education, on-the-job experience, gigs, projects, or other experiences. See beyond a static resume into inferred and likely skills based on what they’ve worked on, and within what teams and organizations.

Grow potential

Redeploy talent — develop personalized growth plans for your people

Develop and grow your talent by understanding each person’s strengths, aptitudes, and what motivates them. Then match them with open opportunities and future needs, knowing what each person will need to learn to get there.

Recruit with purpose

Find external talent with precision
Not all talent can be developed from within. Sometimes you need to hire or bring in contingent workers to cover a specific set of in-demand skills. True value comes from knowing where and when is the best place to find that talent, whether it’s from internal skills development or external sources, and what is the optimal level of investment to obtain those skills.

Expand opportunity

Grow talent pools in a diverse and inclusive way
Expand your talent pool with a more objective view of skills-based role readiness across the market. Skills insights built on a global dataset let you see beyond your current talent pools and tap into people who have adjacent skills and learnability, regardless of their background, origin, or education.

See the skills you need
now and in the future

Any organization can become skills-based by using AI trained on a global dataset of career trajectories, skills, and titles to infer adjacent skills and potential (learnability). This helps detect the skills needed for specific roles within an organization based on a global view of all talent in the market, and to analyze the skills currently present.  The days of struggling to get an accurate view of both are over.