Responsible AI
at Eightfold

Innovative AI

The future of hiring and managing talent is brighter with AI.

Our platform was built on AI. Everything we offer has AI at its core — not as an add-on feature.

We are committed to explaining how our AI works and partner with key stakeholders, including our AI Ethics Council, and external consultants to design and deploy our AI systems in a responsible and ethical way.

We empower organizations to find and retain talent, from acquisition to management. Our AI delivers relevant recommendations at scale to help predict the next role in a person’s career. With our technology:

  • Candidates can quickly gain insights about the jobs that are strong matches for their skills and potential
  • Recruiters and hiring managers get insights about candidates, including their match score for a particular position
  • Employees can explore future career paths with detailed understanding of the skills and experiences for the next step in their careers
  • Organizational leaders can understand the skills and talent gaps across teams and departments, and implement effective talent growth strategies
  • Governments, social-service organizations, and private-sector employment networks can deploy our platform to help match people with job opportunities at scale

Founded by leaders with deep expertise in developing best-in-class AI-powered technology, our AI is engineered to transform the talent industry by helping candidates and employers find the right roles for everyone while driving extraordinary business and career outcomes.

Our team includes top AI thought leaders, economists, and HR experts. Additionally, we work with our Advisory Board to shape our mission, strategy, products, and services. Our AI Ethics Council provides expert insights into how to responsibly use AI.

Talent Intelligence Copilots bring generative AI to our deep-learning AI platform.

  • Employee Copilot: Assists employees in aggregating career insights, identifying educational opportunities, and discovering open career options
  • Recruiter Copilot: Assists recruiters with interview scheduling, sending candidate reminders, generating job descriptions, and consolidating insights

Our data reveals rising and declining skills and how to plan for the future.

Eightfold CEO and Co-founder Ashutosh Garg on how AI is a game changer in identifying people’s skills and potential — putting HR in the front seat of AI adoption.

Beneficial AI

How our AI works for good throughout the talent experience.

From sourcing and selecting candidates, to identifying and assessing internal talent for upskilling/reskilling or advancement opportunities, personalized career pathing, learning, and succession planning, our AI helps you identify the right person for the right role at the right time.

  • Masking personal information that could lead to unconscious bias
  • Integrating equal opportunity algorithms to support role recommendations and enhance both candidate and employee visibility to opportunities

We uncover adjacent and potential skills in job descriptions and employee profiles, so you can find appropriate skilled talent (external or internal) for every role or project.

With a more complete view of skills, we take a collaborative and dynamic approach on talent strategies that help place people into roles or projects where they can better apply their abilities.

Employees can easily see new jobs or projects, learning and development opportunities, and connect with mentors.

Our talent insights reveal the fastest rising and declining roles and skills in your organization and in your industry to help you plan for the future.

Directly source high-quality contingent workers to add new talent to your pool, while also speeding up hire times and reducing costs.

Eightfold CEO and Co-founder Ashutosh Garg explains how we maintain privacy and security with a skills-focused approach.

Responsible AI

We have demonstrated our commitment to AI compliance and governance.

  • Fairness: We design and use AI systems that support DEI best practices and mitigate bias
  • Transparency: Our AI is understandable and explainable
  • Safety and reliability: Our AI passes stringent safety measures before it rolls out in our products
  • Active monitoring and response: We continuously monitor our AI to ensure it behaves as expected

Our comprehensive approach includes external audits and active monitoring.

We are committed to responsible and ethical governance, monitoring, and compliance with laws that impact HR technologies and AI, including existing long-standing civil rights laws, and emerging ones that focus on the use of AI in hiring and employment.

These leaders are at the forefront of AI and regulations, and provide recommendations on how to responsibly use AI.

This includes our data; training, evaluation, and model selection; active measuring and monitoring; and product safeguards.

To ensure we are acting as good stewards of data, we focus on privacy by diligently scrubbing personal data from the data sets we use to train our models, by upholding our obligations under privacy laws and our contracts to use personal data entrusted to us only as permitted, and by adhering to core privacy principles (such as notice, choice, and security) and facilitating our customers in upholding their commitments with respect to the personal data of their applicants, employees, and others in their talent networks.

CEO and Co-founder Ashutosh Garg on regulating AI: “Like any important technology, any important development in our society, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.”

Technical AI

An overview into what goes into developing our AI.

Our engineers are dedicated to using leading, innovative technologies and practices to create and iterate on our platform. Read more about their processes on their engineering blog.

We harness the data of 1 billion+ career trajectories and 1 million+ skills worldwide to give a truly global view of talent and skills insights. We do this through our curated data sets of deidentified profiles. When combined with an organization’s HR system of record, it provides business and talent leaders with one of the most comprehensive views of talent today.

Our AI’s core strength lies in its advanced algorithms, carefully crafted through machine learning. These algorithms leverage an underlying mathematical model to predict the compatibility between a specific candidate’s application and the applicable job opportunity.

Before launching, each model undergoes rigorous evaluations to ensure reliability and performance. We prioritize fairness by computing metrics specifically designed to measure bias.

CEO and Co-founder Ashutosh Garg explains the experience, patents, and Equal Opportunity Algorithms that go into our AI.

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