October 2, 2018

5 Ways AI Can Help Solve the Talent Crisis

According to the results of the Talent Intelligence & Management Report 2018, organizations are facing serious challenges related to hiring, retention, and diversity.

Forbes reported on these challenges and the findings of this survey of more than 1,000 big-company executives:

  • 22% of enterprises are using artificial intelligence for talent programs, and these early adopters are more effective in every area of hiring, retention, and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) operations than their peers.
  • 28% of open roles will not be filled, making companies less able to deliver shareholder value in the years ahead, stalling growth and hurting competitive position.
  • 83% of employees want a new job, yet only 53% want to change companies, yet enterprises are finding their retention programs are ineffective.

Read more about the report findings and how AI can help in Forbes.