The future of talent planning demands a skills-based approach

Our new Skills-based Talent Planning solution will empower organizations and leaders to confidently plan their workforces for what’s ahead.

The future of talent planning demands a skills-based approach

“Recruiting, reskilling, retention, and reengineering work are not separate things anymore. They are all interrelated, and they have to be interlocked with a talent intelligence strategy.” — Josh Bersin, leading global HR industry analyst and adviser, on The New Talent Code podcast

Disruption and uncertainty continue to roil markets and make for turbulent times when it comes to building business strategies — and the critical talent plans that support those initiatives.

We’ve long known that talent functions, including the four “R’s” that Bersin mentions above, can’t be treated separately any longer. These elements are all related and have to be interlocked within a talent strategy that supports an organization’s overall goals.

While we’ve mostly focused on transforming how organizations recruit, reskill, and retain their talent, now we’re ready for the next level — reengineering and redesigning roles — so your organization can better prepare for the future. 

To drive this transformation, we’re excited to announce Skills-based Talent Planning, the newest offering coming to our Talent Intelligence Platform later this year. This new capability will help organizations ensure that they’re taking the right steps today by identifying the skills they need to build their ideal organizations of tomorrow.

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Introducing Skills-based Talent Planning

Skills-based Talent Planning allows talent leaders to plan and design roles for the future using internal and external insights. Whether you’re mobilizing for growth, reorganizing or reassessing head count, or looking to find resources for projects, this view of integrated, real-time skills intelligence allows you to align talent strategies to business strategies. 

Powered by our AI, Skills-based Talent Planning employs a framework that learns and updates over time, captures skills adjacencies, understands context, and identifies patterns and relationships that power connections among jobs, gigs, and career paths. It transforms static, manual, siloed, and outdated skills information, and makes it truly dynamic, interconnected, and multifaceted. 

Dynamic skills intelligence already lives in our Talent Intelligence Platform, allowing for agile planning based on skills, tasks, and capabilities. Think of Skills-based Talent Planning as bringing all that intelligence together — incorporating market insights, talent intelligence, and an eye toward the future evolution of skills — so organizations can put that information into action and reengineer their future workforces.

The future of talent planning demands a skills-based approach

With Skills-based Talent Planning, you will be able to:

  • Transform talent teams with internal and external insights: See the skills within your organization, and enjoy the capability to identify hidden skills, learnability, and potential. Use industry trend data to gain visibility into adjacent and upskilling opportunities to strengthen your employees, informing your build, buy, or borrow talent strategies with real workforce and talent data.
  • Prepare for disruption through scenario planning: Ensure business continuity with dynamic scenario planning that uses real-time data, so you can create scenario plans based on skills, roles, and requirements. Simultaneously preparing for a variety of initiatives and scenarios.
  • Integrate talent and business strategies: The C-suite, business and talent leaders can come together to strategically drive extraordinary business outcomes through this skills-based approach that aligns talent strategies to talent operations. 
  • Unlock internal mobility: Engage the talent you have through upskilling and redeployment efforts, and seed your internal talent marketplace with projects, gigs, and training to achieve the organization of your future.

As a result, organizational leaders can put the pieces together to identify, plan, and operate as they align scenario planning and talent initiatives with business objectives.

The time is now to plan for every scenario

Thanks to today’s pace of disruption, organizations won’t be able to compete without a dynamic, skills-based approach. It’s imperative that any talent intelligence platform provide true capabilities to recruit, retain, reskill, and reengineer workforces based on real-time insights into the skills and capabilities of a workforce. 

With Skills-based Talent Planning, you can now complete the talent cycle, covering all four “R’s” for your organization, and plan and strategize in the same system where your teams are all executing in our single AI platform for talent. And be confident that with the right talent planning, you’ll always have a workforce built for purpose and ready to take on what’s next. 

Sachit Kamat is Eightfold AI’s Chief Product Officer in charge of developing our AI-powered talent products and solutions.

Get the skills you need today, see what you need for tomorrow. Learn more about how to transform your organization’s workforce with Skills-based Talent Planning.

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