July 29, 2019

Partnering with SAP SuccessFactors to Deliver Diversity-Friendly AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in a number of places, and HR is no exception. In HR uses of AI, there is often a concern around bias.

The promise of using AI to effectively remove bias is still tough for many to accept. In fact, one might think it sounds like a dream that will only be possible in some distant future. At Eightfold, we like to say the future is here today with our Talent Intelligence Platform.

Recently, Bill Rojas of SAP Digital wrote about the vision and mission behind our technology in his article Discover the Talent Intelligence Platform that Delivers Diversity (https://news.sap.com/2019/07/eightfold-talent-intelligence-sap-app-center/) . Our Co-Founder and CEO, Ashutosh Garg, shares how his experiences as a job seeker and employer inspired him to use his expertise to fix employment.

“Next time you have an opening, look inside instead of outside,” Ashu said. “Here’s an example. Say you want to build a phone app, and don’t have anyone with the right skills. But what if someone joined you in a different capacity three years ago, and has actually done something like that in a previous position or in school? This is how the technology works: It can predict the likelihood that an employee can easily acquire needed skills.”

Ashu went on to say that 62 percent of women report that they hesitate to apply for an opening for fear of rejection, according to a survey of non-managerial workers that Eightfold conducted in 2018. Instead, the Eightfold solution identifies potential candidates – regardless of age, gender, job title, ethnicity, or other arbitrary factors – and proactively shows them why they might be a match.

Amazingly enough, it does this with the external universe, as well. That includes Eightfold’s tools that bring its AI to external sourcing solutions a customer might use, such as job boards, so that they can see how a person matches job requirements, without bias, and pull them into the Eightfold recruiting solution. According to Steve, “The solution makes sense of a lot of ‘noisy data’ – job titles and department names, for instance – to identify meaningful characteristics.”

Read more (https://news.sap.com/2019/07/eightfold-talent-intelligence-sap-app-center/) about our unique approach to fixing employment and why Ashutosh describes the synergy with SAP SuccessFactors as “phenomenal”.