Create Impact with a Happy and Diverse Workforce

In this episode, we hear from Vanessa Valerio and Amrita Sanyal of Care Indeed as they share how values of promoting career and life happiness are shared and promoted by Eightfold and its technology.

Leverage AI to Perfect Talent Acquisition

In this episode we hear from Sierra Molina and Meredith Alvin, recruiters at Twilio. They were initially drawn to’s lead nurture capabilities, and are just wrapping up a pilot program with Eightfold.

Embrace AI for Technical Recruiting

In this episode, we hear from Sarah Hallahan, who leads technical recruiting for Adroll. Since adopting about eight months ago, Adroll’s technical recruiting team has come to rely on on a nearly daily basis. In particular, the Talent Intelligence Platform™ lead nurture functionality has lead to some serious recruiting wins.

The Best Recruiting Tool Ever

In this episode, we hear from Joe Belluomini, principal recruiter at Coit Group. Joe has been deeply involved in recruiting technology for many years, most recently relying heavily on LinkedIn. Joe discusses how new recruiting tools are a dime a dozen, but was the first to deeply impress him.