Strategic AI

Strategic AI Podcast

Can AI help match your company’s existing employees to new internal jobs? You bet. This episode of Inside Talent features Andrea Shiah, head of talent strategy and transformation at Eightfold.

B2B Category Creators with Gil Allouche

In our 12th episode, Gil talks about category creation with two leaders from the sales community and AI talent management categories. This episode brings in new insights you can use to improve your market models. We look at how focusing on category creation can help you build a defensible moat in the long run and build products that people want. Plus, our guests share some advice on the hard lessons they learned while creating a new category from scratch.

Change Management & Adoption

The growth in adoption of Recruiting Technology is continuing to speed up exponentially. There is always a lot of focus on the types of software companies should be buying but often not as much focus on the amount of internal change management involved to make the technology work within the organization. So what how should companies be thinking about this, and what kind of strategies should they be building?

Real Talk: Talent Management in 2021

On this episode of Real Talk, Kamal Ahluwalia, President of Eightfold, will discuss the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy, how other businesses can ensure their strategy is effective, and his top three pieces of advice to hiring and retaining a globally diverse workforce.