March 17, 2021

State Governments Are Adopting AI for Talent

You’ve probably seen that the federal government is eyeing the use of artificial intelligence in talent management, as it looks for better ways to match transitioning veterans to civilian roles.

Add states to the AI mix.

In Indiana, there’s a bifurcated job market like in so much of the U.S. Unemployment has lingered in some sectors, like construction, foodservice, and retail. On the other hand, some small businesses are hiring again, and the state is home to major companies like Eli Lilly and Anthem in expanding industries. 

To bridge this employment gap, Indiana has unveiled a website that uses AI to match job seekers with opportunities.

The “Hoosier Talent Network” from Eightfold AI already has tens of thousands of jobs open.

Jobseekers upload a resume or create a quick profile with their work history and skills. The Hoosier Talent Network suggests skills that may be missing. Then, job-seekers are matched to roles using people’s skills and potential.

As an example, think about a hospitality or tourism employee out of work after many years. They may be thinking, “all I know is food” (or being a concierge, flight attendant, and so on). But, what they likely know, to take the example of a restaurant manager, may involve customer service, hiring, leadership, budgeting, supply chains, inventory, and more.

Indiana job seekers can also sign up for email notifications of jobs that match their interests.

The state has emailed several hundred thousand residents, letting them know of the new site. The national publication Government Technology covered news of the launch. The Hoosier Talent Network has also been covered widely in the Indiana media, such as on the local NBC affiliate, and on Indiana Public Radio. Let us know if you’d like to explore a similar option for your city or state.