April 23, 2019

Tying It All Together with Eightfold RPA

Creating Faster Integrations at Scale

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at Eightfold is how quickly we can get a new customer deployed and productive with the Talent Intelligence Platform. One important factor in deployment is integration with legacy ATS and HRIS technologies.

In many cases, using the APIs from the ATS and HRIS providers, we can get new deployments up and running in a few days. That’s pretty fast, but this method depends on these third-party providers, and can’t address the needs of companies with homegrown technologies that they wish to keep using.

That got us thinking. Fast is good, so how can we create a fast integration experience with any existing system?

That’s why we created Eightfold RPA Talent Connect. RPA Talent Connect seamlessly integrates any existing ATS or HR system with Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) methods. That means enterprise customers gain all the advantages of an AI-based talent management system, regardless of the legacy applications in use across their organization.

How does Eightfold RPA Talent Connect work?

Eightfold RPA Talent Connect delivers true bi-directional synchronization between the Talent Intelligence Platform and existing systems. Better yet, there’s no requirement for an API or custom integration, so integration times are fast even for complex environments with disparate legacy solutions.

Eightfold RPA Talent Connect works by automating the process of logging into an existing system, entering data, and extracting data as needed. This capability works in conjunction with a one-time data export and an API, if available, and overcomes any limitations of that API. In short, Eightfold RPA Talent Connect is both more universal and more reliable than an API connection alone.

Eightfold’s AI parses all of the synchronized information that runs through Eightfold RPA Talent Connect, using AI and machine learning to uncover the skills and career trajectories that lead to successful matches across millions of candidate and employee records. Customers maintain systems of record and workflows while gaining the advantage of the Eightfold platform across their recruiting, diversity, and talent management processes.

Benefits of Eightfold RPA Talent Connect

Our goal is to help you hire faster, hire smarter, hire better. You shouldn’t waste time working across multiple systems. Your IT department doesn’t need extra layers of applications and code to inspect and monitor. Eightfold RPA Talent Connect unifies your current siloed operations and complexity with a simple, elegant means to make disparate current investments operate as a coherent, easily managed whole.

Companies that integrate existing systems with the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform give their talent professionals the ability to work entirely in Eightfold, removing the constant back-and-forth between systems created by the use of point solutions. Eightfold RPA Talent Connect also makes it possible to bring in more sources of information so that companies can offer detailed career planning recommendations, skills mentoring, succession planning, and other services to their employees.

You should not be limited by what your old technologies can do, even as they remain valuable to your operations. Eightfold will keep innovating to remove limits, both for companies and for individuals.