August 11, 2021

Welcome to Day 2 of ‘Cultivate’


Amazing to see thousands of talent professionals, analysts, press, influencers, and others join Cultivate yesterday for day 1.

Great to meet new folks and see some familiar ones … even if virtual for now.

Ken Chenault and Maurice Jones of OneTen were inspiring. We were honored to have Donna Brazile, New York’s labor commissioner, and a chief workforce officer from Indiana, as well as Gartner, McKinsey, and the International Labor Organization.

We heard about being a “development company”; redeploying skills; and adjacent skills.

The stat of the day in this rapidly-transforming business world came from Helen Poitevin of Gartner, who said that “29 percent of the skills in an average 2018 job posting will not be needed in 2022.”

One way to sum up day 1: The talent is out there. If you hire for potential, for skills, for capabilities, and not based on superficial characteristics and poor practices (like silly job interviews and poor job descriptions) or based on who has done the exact job before, then the labor shortage will be far less pronounced.

Keep following the #Cultivate21 hashtag today during day 2.

Today’s sessions include:

And that’s just a sample.

It’s not too late to register. Sign up to enjoy today’s sessions, and get a recording of day 1, including the EEOC and OFCCP workshops. (Check out the recording of that OFCCP workshop. Craig Leen, former director of the OFCCP, had a very interesting look at the use of AI for talent. Leen believes AI will be the standard in the coming years, as among other advantages it can help reduce disparate impact as companies in real time can see how various job requirements affect the demographic breakdown of their talent pipelines.)

If you have any trouble viewing, click on the little widget at the bottom of the viewing window to reduce the streaming to 720 or 360.