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Treat your candidates better than they have ever been treated before.

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The right candidate experience means treating your candidates better than they have ever been treated before.
  • Encourage your candidates. Show them the jobs they can do and the valuable skills that they have, so they feel good about applying.
  • Respect their time. Use advanced automation to reduce form-filling and job searching.
  • Be fair and transparent. Use unbiased and anonymous screening methods that ensure only each person’s qualifications are considered.
  • Communicate what they care about. Invest in frequent campaigns that provide targeted content for each individual.

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A better candidate experience will unlock improved diversity hiring and retention outcomes
  • With Eightfold’s talent acquisition technologies anchoring a DE&I strategy, a global telecommunications company was able to increase hiring of women candidates by 19%.
  • A leading airline with Eightfold’s career site increased qualified applications four times, providing a foundation for greater diversity hiring.
  • A high-tech company using Eightfold talent acquisition built a diverse talent pipeline, including candidates they otherwise would have missed.

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