Job Intelligence Engine

Identify the right skills
and skill sets for every role

Improve organizational agility and support for enterprise strategies.

More informed talent decisions, powered by AI

Leaders must identify and understand the skills, roles, and training required to execute talent strategies that align with ever-changing business demands.

The Eightfold® Job Intelligence Engine applies a dynamic, AI-powered approach to defining all relevant skills for job requirements for every role within an organization.

Embedded within the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform, the Job Intelligence Engine is constantly analyzing the relevance of skills for roles. It automatically proposes real-time updates based on aggregated learning from organizational outcomes and market trends across a variety of talent acquisition and talent management processes. As a result, it enables more transparent, effective decision-making around talent outcomes.

Additionally, the Job Intelligence Engine includes a Role Library, where organizations can centrally store updated information about jobs for use across the enterprise, so role details are easily accessed anytime.

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