Talent Redeployment

Talent Redeployment
Do the right thing for your company and your people

Too often, people are laid off who could fill an open position elsewhere in their organization.

talent redeployment to fill open positions - Talent Redeployment

Many large organizations don’t have a sense of what skills each employee has, and how they can be used in open roles. They have no way to match employees with open positions in different teams, departments, or locations.

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform changes this situation. The AI gives managers and talent professionals visibility into the skills of every member of the workforce, and the skills required for every open job. With this capability, the company can successfully redeploy employees whose current jobs are impacted by a reduction in force.

Talent redeployment saves money by reducing severance costs and hiring expenses. It also increases productivity by retaining current employees, and contributes to morale by demonstrating the best effort to preserve jobs. And it’s the right thing to do.

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