Talent Rediscovery

Talent Rediscovery
Hire faster and at lower cost from your own Talent Network.

“No other platform can rediscover talent in an ATS like Eightfold can.” Henry Jones, Conagra Director, HR Business Partner

Rediscover Talent from your ATS with Eightfold Talent Rediscovery - Talent Rediscovery

Companies are spending millions of dollars on job boards, agencies, and sourcing tools. At the same time, valuable talent is waiting in their own systems.

This talent includes past applicants, ex-employees, employee referrals, and even current employees. They represent great potential employees.

Eightfold’s AI unlocks that goldmine. The Talent Intelligence Platform automatically updates and enriches profiles. The AI searches public data to capture the experience and skills people have added since you last were in contact. Enrichment shows what skills people have gained, even if all their new skills aren’t listed in their resumes.

Then, Eightfold makes these profiles available to you in your recruiting pipelines. For many organizations, most positions no longer require additional sourcing, significantly reducing the time to interview and eliminating sourcing costs.

Only advanced AI can truly discover the hidden talent in your own applicant tracking and human resources management systems, making your talent acquisition far more efficient.

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