Virtual Recruiting

How to Hold Virtual Recruiting Events

Discussion with Tracy Flynn, VP of People, Eightfold and former Vice President of Executive Recruiting, Visa

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Virtual Recruiting
Events are important, even if they are not in person

Build talent relationships with Eightfold Virtual Event Recruiting

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Use the Eightfold platform to engage and recruit at scale

Recruiting events are great for attracting high-quality candidates at scale. Even if in-person events aren’t possible, you can create online events with Eightfold Virtual Event Recruiting. Throughout these online events, Eightfold’s powerful AI makes setting up your event fast and simple, and encourages candidates to meet with you.

  • Invite candidates from an uploaded resume book or from your Talent Network
  • Show candidates which jobs they are a great fit for, encouraging them to attend and apply
  • Meet candidates as a group or 1:1, and select candidates for follow-up

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Maneerat Ratanakovit - Virtual Recruiting

“Eightfold Virtual Event Recruiting improved our recruiter’s efficiency and the quality of candidates through AI-enabled candidate matching.”
– Maneerat Ratanakovit, Senior Manager of Recruitment, AirAsia